Telos Launches Tekika Airdrop Campaign Ahead of Gaming Sidechain Launch

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Telos Launches Tekika Airdrop Campaign Ahead of Gaming Sidechain Launch

LONDON, ENGLAND, March 18th, 2024, Chainwire

Telos today announces the official launch of Tekika, a rewarding and comprehensive airdrop campaign involving more than a dozen ecosystem partners. By participating in Tekika, whitelisted users will gain access to mint a free NFT collection designed by Peruvian digital artist MUTE that is dynamic and evolves with story progression. Users will originally receive an NTT (non-transferable token), which will be upgraded throughout the campaign based on performance. After Tekika, users will be able to convert their NTT into an NFT that can be traded on the soon-to-be-launched Zero Knowledge (zk) gaming sidechain developed by Telos, K2-18.

After the Tekika mint, participants can earn points through campaign activities in three sprints, culminating in a cumulative airdrop from leading DeFi and GameFi projects in the Telos ecosystem.

Tekika will be the first campaign in the history of Web3 that simultaneously includes elements of NFTs, DeFi, GameFi and a points system while offering up rewards from over a dozen projects. The list of partners offering up rewards includes Swapsicle, Symmetric, Velocore, REAX, Reactor Fusion, LogX, Kuma, Entangle, Alternates, Rivera, Macaw, Meridian, Symbiosis, VaporDEX and Mosaic Bond, with the aim for more to join as Tekika gets underway.

“The current airdrop meta is exciting for the Web3 community but leads to a fragmented, cumbersome and fee-intensive user journey—that changes with Tekika,” said Telos CEO Lee Erswell. “With Tekika, not only will participants receive dynamic NFTs and gain access to a diverse airdrop giving them exposure to numerous high-growth projects on Telos, but it will also be an incredibly fun journey that blends culture and community while enabling users to forge new connections and grow their presence in the Web3 and Telos ecosystems.”

The completion of Tekika will set the stage for the official launch of K2-18. Gaming enthusiasts can now join the Official Discord for the latest updates on development progress, as well as other information about partners and the tech underpinning the zkEVM sidechain.

Effective immediately, users who want to participate in Tekika can apply for a Whitelist spot at and join the growing community via the official Telos Discord.

About Telos

Telos is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem renowned for its world-class Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which tested as the fastest globally, as well as its high-speed consensus layer, Telos Zero. Telos is currently expanding its capabilities with novel Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology, which promises to enhance privacy and scalability for global use cases. Telos is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and efficient future for decentralized applications, underscoring its commitment to driving progress and expanding the possibilities of Web3 technology. Telos is overseen by The Telos Foundation, an ownerless foundation dedicated to advancing the Telos blockchain network and its community.

Users can follow @tekikaadventures on X for regular updates about the campaign.

Users can follow @K218Gaming for all zkEVM Gaming network news.

Users can join K218 Discord here.


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