TDeFi's Strategic Expansion Sees the Firm Embrace Racer Club and Klink Finance

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TDeFi's Strategic Expansion Sees the Firm Embrace Racer Club and Klink Finance

Dubai, UAE, January 26th, 2024, Chainwire

TDeFi, a prominent incubator and consulting firm, has recently expanded its portfolio by onboarding two notable projects, namely Racer Club and KlinkFinance. The development highlights TDeFi's efforts in fostering novel blockchain ventures as well as spurring crypto adoption on a global scale.

Since its inception, TDeFi's investment and incubation portfolio has been diverse, including over 50 companies like Vulcan Forged, Biconomy etc. Moreover, it bears mentioning that TDeFi's contribution to its selected projects extends well beyond mere financial support, encompassing token engineering, liquidity management, Token Launch strategy, Compliance & corporate structuring, mentorship and even fostering strategic partnerships. Such an approach has significantly influenced the growth trajectory of these token startups, positioning them for success in the competitive crypto economy.

Ushering in a New Era for GameFi with Racer Club

Racer Club stands out within the GameFi realm thanks to its use of the advanced ‘Unreal Engine,’ bringing a new level of gamified interaction and engagement to NFT communities all over the world. The project allows 2,500+ NFT communities to establish their own esports clubs and engage in a plethora of activities, such as racing with one another, earning lucrative rewards/incentives through their participation and skill, etc.

At the forefront of Racer Club’s vision and execution is Matthew Ng — popularly known as ToastPunk — an influential figure within the global NFT community with a robust following of more than 75k Twitter users. His expertise and reputation, built through partnerships with several industry giants like Binance have been pivotal in shaping the trajectory of the Racer Club ecosystem. Most recently, Matthew Ng (aka ToastPunk) shared the stage with industry luminary Yat Siu, the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands at the Wealth Today Summit, Dubai

Under his stewardship, Racer Club has successfully raised $3.1M from respected investors such as Cointelegraph, DigiFinex, Cointelligence Funds, FG Factory, Xenabler, Warrp Ventures, York Street Capital and other Web3 prominent angels. Moreover, the project is on the verge of completing its seed and private funding rounds, with an additional $1M in public round funding from GamesPad, Spores and GameFi as part of the project’s public round. The project is also currently in discussions with Polygon Labs and Immutable X. The token generation event (TGE) of the project’s $RCLUB token is estimated to be launched before the Bitcoin halving in 2024.

Looking ahead, ToastPunk is steering Racer Club towards exciting collaborations with renowned NFT projects like Azuki, CloneX, Doodles, and Goblintown, as well as an upcoming airdrop. Lastly, in an effort to maximize Racer Club’s accessibility, plans are currently underway to release a Mac and mobile version of the game.

Klink Finance Revamping the Crypto Investment Landscape

Since its launch, Klink Finance has distinguished itself within the crypto sphere thanks to its innovative combination of quest-based task rewards and gamified investment opportunities. The platform uniquely allows users to earn digital through engaging tasks while offering paths to grow their investments simultaneously. Some of Klink’s highlights include its quest-based tasks that make earning crypto both fun and engaging, along with gamified token prize pools that randomize yield distribution amongst holders, inspired by one of the most successful savings programs globally in the traditional markets.

The foundation of Klink Finance's success lies in the diverse backgrounds of its founders, Chris Murphy and Philip Jonitz. In 2019, Chris’ e-commerce brand Chase West LLC was acquired by prominent investors following which he went on to serve as a senior consultant at Investis Digital, a financial technology and team management firm. Similarly, Philip's journey in crypto started back in 2016, spanning several startups, venture capital firms, and financial ecosystems.

The platform has successfully raised $760k in a Pre-Seed Equity round in 2023, attracting top crypto funds like UOB Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, Signum Capital, Master Ventures, and Blockbase. Moreover, the platform is gearing up for a token presale in Q1 2024, followed by a Token Generation Event (TGE) scheduled in the first half of the year, marking key milestones in its growth strategy.

Lastly, it bears mentioning that Klink Finance's initial months post its launch have been remarkable, with the platform having acquired an EU crypto license as well as fostering a community of more than 10,000+ active users in the past months.

A Collaborative Future

As more and more people continue to gravitate toward the use of crypto and blockchain platforms, the distinct yet complementary attributes of Racer Club and KlinkFinance — each fortified by experienced teams, solid fundamentals, and reliable backing — sit in perfect harmony with TDeFi's core values, underscoring the strategic alignment and synergy between the aforementioned entities.

Not only that, TDeFi's role in nurturing these ventures goes beyond mere financial support, providing these platforms with guidance regarding scaling, assisting them with quality industry connections, and delivering insights into market trends and user engagement strategies. Such a collaborative approach not only stands to elevate Racer Club and KlinkFinance’s market dominance but also reinforces TDeFi's commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the fledgling crypto market.


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