Plena Crypto Super App powered by Account Abstraction, Incubated by DAO Maker

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Plena Crypto Super App powered by Account Abstraction, Incubated by DAO Maker

Dubai, UAE, September 27th, 2023, Chainwire

Plena Crypto Super App is the first crypto super app powered by Account Abstraction. It makes storing, managing, and investing in crypto assets super easy for users. What's more, it is incubated by the industry's biggest launchpad, DAO Maker.

Plena Crypto Super App isn't a typical crypto application; it's a game-changer. What sets it apart is its pioneering use of Account Abstraction technology, believed to be the catalyst for mass adoption of web3 dApps. Plena offers users an unrivaled experience, free from the complexities that plague other dApps in the industry.

This means users don't need to be tech wizards to use cryptocurrencies. No more confusing addresses or complex processes. Plena Crypto Super App makes it all straightforward for them.

Also, with Plena Crypto Super App, users are in the driver's seat when it comes to their crypto assets. They get full custody of their funds, meaning they have control and ownership of their digital wealth, just as it should be.

Plena Crypto Super App takes a page out of the playbook of centralized exchanges (CEX), which are favored by 97% of users due to their ease of use.

When using Plena Crypto Super App, users can pay transaction fees in the cryptocurrency of their choice, just like they do on centralized exchanges. No need to fuss over buying a blockchain's native token to pay for transaction fees or complicated processes. It's as straightforward as it gets. Visit the website to learn more:

Key Features and Benefits

Social Login and Easy Wallet Recovery- Plena believes in self-custody without the hassle. Users can effortlessly create a blockchain account using their social media credentials, be it Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook. Plena employs MPC technology, ensuring full custody of their funds without the need to back up a seed phrase. Even if their device is lost, they can regain access to their crypto assets with their social media account.

Pay Fees in Any Token- Flexibility is crucial in the crypto world. With Plena, users can pay transaction fees using their preferred cryptocurrency. No more need to buy native tokens for every blockchain they wish to use. For instance, they can use USDT to cover transaction fees on all blockchains without acquiring their native tokens.

Bridge Assets Across Chains in a Tap -Plena simplifies asset management across various blockchains. Users can bridge their assets across multiple chains with a simple tap.

Buy over 100,000+ Cryptocurrencies at the Best Rates- Plena provides access to a vast array of cryptocurrencies, ensuring users can explore, invest, or trade with confidence. Plus, Plena offers the best exchange rates by searching through all available decentralized exchanges on those blockchains, saving them the manual effort.

Buy Crypto with Debit or Credit Cards- Plena allows users to seamlessly purchase cryptocurrencies using debit or credit cards. It further extends its user-friendly approach by facilitating transactions through popular local payment methods like UPI. Plena has also partnered with major On-Ramp solutions like Moonpay and Ramp for global accessibility.

Interact with Favorite dApps with Ease- Plena Crypto Super App enables users to interact with their favorite dApps without the need to understand blockchain technology.

Chat, Share Trades, and Market Insights- Users can connect with friends and fellow crypto enthusiasts right within the app using the world’s first crypto Chat&Pay in a self-custodial wallet. They can transfer funds, trade, or simply discuss the latest market trends, fostering a vibrant and engaging community.

Create Personalized Investment Strategies and Automate Investments- Plena Crypto Super App empowers users to customize their investment strategies and automate investments, implementing Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) effortlessly.

Security and Trust- Security stands as the cornerstone of the web3 ecosystem, and Plena understands this implicitly. To ensure the utmost safety for its users, Plena subjected its smart contracts to rigorous audits by top-tier firms such as Peckshield and Certik.

Future Visions- Plena harbors a grand mission: to onboard not just a billion users into the web3 realm but to make the usage of decentralized applications as effortless as possible. The roadmap includes enhancing user experience, integrating multiple blockchains, and forming partnerships with additional dApps to offer a seamless Plena-like experience across various platforms.

Ultimately, Plena's goal is to create an application that is as easy to use as Gmail, Amazon, or Uber.

DAO Maker, one of the crypto ecosystem's most renowned and trusted launchpads, has incubated the Plena Crypto Super App.

DAO Maker shares Plena's vision and understands the need to simplify UX through Account Abstraction technology. DAO Make understands it is the only way to encourage users to move their assets from insolvent centralized exchanges and start using self-custodial wallets and decentralized applications.

“The Plena team pioneered account abstraction for years and are now ahead of the curve. We are excited to help and incubate such a talented and hard-working team.“ - said Christoph Zaknun, CEO Of DAO Maker.

About Dao Maker:

DAO Maker is the leading crypto launchpad and incubator with over 100+ projects launched and $5 Billion raised!

DAO Maker aims to redefine Venture capital by making it accessible to the masses. It develops next-generation digital financial solutions trusted by more than 1,000,000 users worldwide and is the Best launchpad with the most KYC-ed users.

DAO Maker is considered The Best IDO & IGO Launchpad for Crypto Projects, which has consistently onboarded market-leading projects onto the platform, setting trends in every market condition.

Users can download or Update the Plena Super App to see it for themself here:


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