PepeCoin ($PEPECOIN) has Launched a Premier Trading Bot, Kek Bot

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PepeCoin ($PEPECOIN) has Launched a Premier Trading Bot, Kek Bot

New York, New York, April 30th, 2024, Chainwire

The widely successful meme coin, which has grown more than 8,100% in the past year, has launched the bot today. The profits from the bot will be used to burn $PEPECOIN tokens to fuel its growth.

PepeCoin ($PEPECOIN), the popular meme coin associated with the Pepe the Frog character and Internet meme, has launched a premier trading bot, Kek Bot. PepeCoin also plans to integrate its artificial intelligence (AI) into the bot to be one of the first to offer an easier experience with trading prompts.

It will also include a trading terminal designed to streamline the trading experience for DEX users. The list of features includes limit orders, sophisticated charts, mirror trading, a token discovery scanner, a sniper bot, portfolio management, per-order P/N/L reports, trader chat, and MEV blocking protection.

Fueled by the magic of memes for a community of crypto enthusiasts and memers to grow together, the PepeCoin-powered trading bot will offer crypto traders a comprehensive experience, enabling them to take full advantage of varied crypto market opportunities and generate profits.

Not only will PepeCoin’s trading bot allow the fast-growing crypto community to automate the trading process for efficient trading, but it will also ensure that users never miss an opportunity and have better market timing and accuracy.

Both newcomers and professional crypto traders will benefit from AI-powered trading bots by making more informed and quick decisions and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Fees earned on PepeCoin’s yet-to-be-launched Kek Bot will then be used to burn $PEPECOIN tokens to fuel its growth. The token has a total supply of 133.77 million and has been seeing a lot of attention and demand this year. Against this increasing interest and the ongoing bull market, the burning of $PEPECOIN will help the token enjoy traction and growth.

Founded by OG Bitcoin and Ethereum developers and miners, PepeCoin combines memetic magic with the technological benefits of blockchain to build a strong project and an enthusiastic community.

Meme coins are a common global language that transcends boundaries and can transfer ideologies between diverse age and cultural groups. In today’s digital world, memes have become even more important for communicating and sharing ideas. And among the sea of memes, $PEPECOIN has a special presence for its relatable content and long-term viability.

PepeCoin: Beyond Memes - Expanding Value with PepeOS and Based AI

The meme coin, $PEPECOIN, has already achieved great success with a growing community of more than 25,000 holders. Meanwhile, the token price recently hit an all-time high (ATH) of $7.57. Just six months ago, the token was trading at its lowest value of $0.01088, and since then, it has recorded a massive price appreciation of over 44,700%.

Not limited to just memes, the PepeCoin team also aims to add value and substance to the blockchain. For that, they have launched PepeOS, Pepe Messenger, Pepe Paint, and Pepe.DJ, Kekspace, Kekdaq, Kekstarter, and MyFrens.

Additionally, there is Based AI, a custom-engineered Layer 1 blockchain. It involves integrating the decentralized storage and computation of open-source AI models directly into a consensus mechanism. In the world of closed-source, centralized AI, the PepeCoin team aims to democratize and incentivize the deployment of open-source AI models, thereby ushering in a new era of AI freedom.

The process involves validators staking BasedAI tokens and earning more tokens to store LLM models and contribute their GPU resources to the network for processing. The AI will be further integrated into the upcoming trading bot to offer an even smoother experience.

About PepeCoin

Established in 2016, PepeCoin ($PEPECOIN) is the original meme coin. It leverages the viral internet meme ‘Pepe the Frog’ to build a strong community of crypto enthusiasts and memers. PepeCoin is also building the first decentralized social wrapper for DeFi through open-source tooling and dank memes.