Ottochain Homage to EVMOS and Ethereum Layer 2

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Ottochain Homage to EVMOS and Ethereum Layer 2

Dubai, UAE, September 20th, 2023, Chainwire

In the world of blockchain technology, where each day brings new possibilities and challenges, the spirit of collaboration and open-source development stands as the beacon guiding us forward. Ottochain, a trailblazing multi-chain ecosystem, is thrilled to pay homage to EVMOS and Eth L2, the giants on whose shoulders it proudly stands.

Today, Ottochain is excited to announce its open invitation to the EVMOS and Eth L2 communities, extending a hand of collaboration and showcasing its commitment to innovation, community participation, and interoperability.

Built on the Shoulders of Giants

Ottochain is a groundbreaking application-specific blockchain (Appchain) within the Octopus Network. Utilizing the Octopus 2.0 interchain modules—which include Cosmos SDK, Near Restaking, and Adaptive IBC—Ottochain has deep roots in the Ethereum ecosystem.

For more info about octopus 2.0 visit here.

Ottochain's story begins with EVMOS. Evmos is a new frontier in the crypto space that seeks to integrate Ethereum assets and decentralised applications with the Cosmos ecosystem's software development kit (SDK). EVMOS has been a source of inspiration and a critical component of Ottochain's development. By leveraging the codebase and ethos of EVMOS, Ottochain is able to offer Ethereum-compatible smart contracts and DApps while inheriting the robustness and innovation that EVMOS represents. Ottochain acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the EVMOS community, and is thrilled to be part of this shared journey.

To learn more about EVMOS visit here.

Fair Launch and Community-Driven Philosophy

Ottochain takes pride in its fair launch, driven by a commitment to decentralization and community participation. Unlike many projects in the blockchain space, Ottochain opted not to pursue venture capital funding. Instead, Ottochain chose to place their trust in the blockchain community, offering everyone an equal opportunity to participate and shape Ottochain's future.

Ottochain launch philosophy is simple: a truly open and equitable distribution of tokens through airdrops, community engagement, and participation. Ottochain believes in the power of the community to drive innovation and growth. To this end, they've allocated a portion of our token supply to reward those who actively engage with Ottochain, whether through development, governance, or simply being part of the conversation.

Airdrops for the Community

Community empowerment is not a slogan at Ottochain; it's a way of life. To underscore this commitment, Ottochain has devised a series of airdrops for various types of communities and individuals. These airdrops aren't just about tokens; they're about recognizing and rewarding the community's passion and dedication. Ottochain understands that the power of decentralisation lies in the hands of the many, not the few, and these airdrops are a celebration of that belief.

Reaching Out to Eth L2

Eth L2, or Ethereum Layer 2, represents a flourishing ecosystem of solutions aimed at scaling the Ethereum network, reducing transaction costs, and improving the user experience. At Ottochain, the team recognizes the significance of Eth L2 in shaping the future of Ethereum and decentralized applications.

The Ottochain team extends its hand to the Eth L2 community, inviting collaboration and dialogue. Ottochain's Ethereum compatibility offers seamless integration with existing Ethereum-based applications and tools. The team sees the potential for synergies that can drive the adoption of Layer 2 scaling solutions and is eager to explore partnerships and collaborations in this space

EVMOS and Eth L2: The Cornerstones of Scalability

These technologies have not only helped address some of the most pressing challenges facing blockchain, such as scalability and cost-effectiveness, but they've also demonstrated a commitment to community-driven development. Ottochain recognizes the significance of these advancements and seeks to harness their capabilities to create a multi-chain ecosystem that is powerful, accessible, and sustainable.

Join Ottochain on This Journey

Ottochain is more than a blockchain; it's a community-driven ecosystem where every voice matters. The Ottochain team is there to learn, grow, and collaborate. The group values the input and expertise of the EVMOS and Eth L2 communities and looks forward to the possibilities that lie ahead

Together, the community can push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of decentralized technology. Ottochain invites everyone to engage with them, share ideas, and join them on this exciting journey towards a more inclusive and interconnected blockchain future.

Engage with Ottochain

  • Developers: Dive into Ottochain's open-source projects. Join a community that thrives on innovation and collaboration. Your code can change the world.
  • Community Members: Ottochain has airdrops waiting. Participate and shape the future of decentralized technology.
  • Partnerships: Ottochain is open to partnerships that advance the cause of decentralisation and blockchain innovation.


Ottochain's tribute to EVMOS and Eth L2 goes beyond a mere press release; it's a declaration of their vision. Together, the community is penning the next chapter of the blockchain revolution. Join Ottochain on this exhilarating journey, and help shape a future where decentralization is limitless.

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