Orderly Network Revolutionizes DEX Development: Unveils Omnichain Perpetual Futures Orderbook for Developers

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Orderly Network Revolutionizes DEX Development: Unveils Omnichain Perpetual Futures Orderbook for Developers

Singapore, Singapore, September 13th, 2023, Chainwire

Orderly Omnichain proudly presents the inaugural phase of its vision – A single, unified order book consolidating trades from multiple blockchains, all settling within one CLOB on Orderly's settlement layer. This innovation offers unparalleled liquidity distribution across all premier blockchain networks.

Now, Perp traders from all major chains can settle orders in a single unified order book. Traders will experience seamless interactions with users on different blockchains, often without even being aware of it. The company is set to introduce institutional-grade order-book perps to popular dApps across various platforms.

Orderly, which already drives numerous dApps and the DeFi extensions of two centralized exchanges on the Near Protocol, is now available on EVM.

DApps can now unify their trading in one order book, facilitating seamless transactions across multiple blockchains. With the introduction of institutional-grade order-book perps, users' preferred dApps have become even more robust. This ensures that traders, whether they're on Polygon, Arbitrum, Linea, Optimism, Scroll, or AVAX, can execute transactions without ever departing from their respective chains.

A significant milestone in Orderly's journey involves welcoming EVM developers, signifying their transition to being genuinely omnichain. As Orderly embarks on this path, developers will now utilize Orderly's omnichain settlement layer to introduce institutional-grade order books.

Orderly's mission transcends beyond just providing infrastructure. The company aims to deploy across all significant chains, amplifying liquidity and crafting a unified ecosystem. With the power of LayerZero, developers are empowered to craft dApps that accept deposits from any chain, enabling, for instance, a trader on Arbitrum to seamlessly transact with a counterpart on AVAX.

“Our goal is to empower developers to concentrate on innovation, not infrastructure," says Ran Yi, CEO of Orderly Network. "With our Omnichain Perpetual Futures Orderbook, we're making DEX development accessible to everyone.

Orderly’s SDK is a game-changer for dApps, introducing CLOB perp trading without the usual integration pains. This caters to a wide audience - from aggregators and high-frequency traders to dApp developers. Furthermore, developers can take this opportunity to build their Perps DEX, leveraging our robust shared liquidity CLOB trading infrastructure, accessible across all major EVM chains.

Key Highlights:

  • Orderly goes omnichain, now welcoming EVM developers
  • Institutional-grade order book infrastructure is now available via our omnichain settlement layer.
  • Orderly will deploy on all major chains, and use a single order book for multiple blockchains, uniting all liquidity.
  • LayerZero empowers developers, ensuring that dApp users can interact across any chain.
  • Through Orderly’s SDK, integration of CLOB perp trading in dApps is simplified, catering to a diverse audience like brokers, HFT, and more.
  • Developers can now craft their unique Perps DEX using Orderly’s high-speed, shared liquidity CLOB trading infrastructure, open to all prominent EVM chains.

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About Orderly Network

Orderly Network is an omnichain trading infrastructure that unifies liquidity across blockchains. We are building the ultimate trading lego for seamless dApp integration by any builder on any blockchain. We are transforming DeFi by combining the transparency and composability of DEXs, with the speed and performance of CEXs.


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