Orbs and IntentX Join Forces to Enhance On-Chain OTC Derivatives and Spot Trading

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Orbs and IntentX Join Forces to Enhance On-Chain OTC Derivatives and Spot Trading

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

Layer-3 public blockchain infrastructure project Orbs has announced a strategic collaboration with IntentX, a leading OTC marketplace and trading terminal. With the partnership, Orbs continues to position itself as a major player in the fast-growing on-chain derivatives landscape.

The collaboration will leverage Orbs’ advanced Layer-3 technology to explore potential use cases for on-chain derivatives. Key initiatives will include the integration of Orbs’ RFQ protocol Liquidity Hub into IntentX for RFQ spot trading, as well as the expansion of IntentX’s spot trading capabilities via Liquidity Hub to the Base and Arbitrum blockchains.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for Orbs, which recently announced another strategic collaboration with SYMMIO, a protocol specializing in bilateral “Symmetrical Trading” of derivatives. That particular alliance focuses on several on-chain derivatives use cases, such as off-chain/on-chain communication oracles and a joint effort to create a bidding system for hedgers.

“By teaming up with first SYMMIO and then IntentX, Orbs is solidifying its role as a leader in on-chain RFQ trading innovation,” said Ran Hammer, VP of Business Development at Orbs.

“As well as integrating our decentralized optimization layer Liquidity Hub into IntentX’s frontend for RFQ-based spot trading, we will enhance SYMMIO’s contracts using our L3 technology. We hope this proves to be a shot in the arm for the on-chain derivatives space, and we cannot wait to hear what users think.”

Liquidity Hub has already been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in trade volume, operating on Polygon’s leading native DEX Quickswap as well as Thena, one of the biggest DEXs on BNB Chain.

Renowned for its perpetual futures trading, IntentX is a robust OTC derivatives exchange, a key component of which is SYMMIO’s intent-based (RFQ) core contracts, which are instrumental in settling trades and facilitating agreements between traders and solvers. While IntentX functions as the quotation marketplace for trade coordination, SYMMIO is the settlement layer.

The use of SYMMIO’s backend technology not only enhances IntentX’s product offerings compared to other derivatives solutions, but also underscores its commitment to innovation and user experience. IntentX supports over 180 tradable markets and offers up to 60x leverage.

With Orbs, IntentX and SYMMIO all exploring synergies, the stage is set for the creation of a more efficient, transparent, and accessible on-chain derivatives market, one that delivers more value than traditional DEX-AMMs.

About Orbs

Orbs is a Layer-3 public blockchain infrastructure project, conceived as a decentralized execution layer operating between existing L1/L2 solutions and the application layer. Executed by a secure network of permissionless validators, Orbs utilizes Proof-of-Stake and improves the existing capabilities of smart contracts on both EVM and non-EVM chains.


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