Moonbeam Network Partners With DUX, Grupo RÃO to Launch Brazil’s Largest Web3 Loyalty Program

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Moonbeam Network Partners With DUX, Grupo RÃO to Launch Brazil’s Largest Web3 Loyalty Program

Singapore, Singapore, November 30th, 2023, Chainwire

Partnership Accelerates Web3 Loyalty Across LATAM; Onboards ~1M New Users Across LATAM to Advanced Digital Engagement Programs

Moonbeam Network, a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications, today announced its partnerships with DUX, a Web3 infrastructure provider, and Grupo RÃO, the largest Japanese food delivery service in Brazil, to launch a novel Web3 Loyalty Program. The partnership represents one of the largest Web3 loyalty initiatives to date – onboarding Grupo RÃO’s ~1 million users to the advanced digital engagement program.

Although more than 90% of brands currently employ some form of loyalty program to strengthen relationships with consumers, 77% of consumers retract their brand loyalty more quickly than they did three years ago. Despite the low customer retention, consumers believe that loyalty programs remain an effective method to draw them closer to their favorite brands. Today, 79% of consumers want their preferred brands to demonstrate care for individual users.

Web3 technology enables brands to more meaningfully connect with consumers, customize rewards and incentives, and better understand consumer behavior. With consumers in search of loyalty programs that deliver ease of use, consistent rewards, and exclusive brand access, Moonbeam, DUX, and Grupo RÃO are partnering to strengthen the ties between consumers and brands across Brazil.

In line with the partnership, Grupo RÃO will implement DUX smart wallet technology to unlock novel methods of customer engagement for its ~1 million users – constituting one of the largest initiatives of its kind in the world. Together, Moonbeam, Grupo RÃO and DUX will cultivate an accessible, decentralized community – leveraging Web3 to deepen interactions between customers, partners, and employees.

“The launch of this Web3 loyalty program reflects Grupo RÃO’s long-term vision, and demonstrates our commitment to creating true connections with our customers,” said Henrique Lemos, Founder and CMO of Grupo RÃO. “Partnering with DUX allows us to provide deeper value to our customer base, and engage with them in ways that were not previously possible.”
“Moonbeam was the perfect choice to develop this initiative,” commented Luiz Octavio, CEO of DUX. “With Moonbeam, DUX can easily tap into the Polkadot ecosystem via XCM, while providing extensive support in the Latin American region. Moonbeam is laser-focused on building a future-proof blockchain that makes it easier and more accessible to build an interoperable future.”

Grupo RÃO users will benefit from several key rollouts, including:

  • Revamped Benefits Program: built to deliver integration between various brands on Rao's ecosystem, integration with partners and a better experience for all the group's clients and franchisees
  • Exclusive Subscription Club: designed to increase community engagement with brands and their offerings
  • Novel Consumer Experiences: new experiences with the possibility of winning or purchasing physical and digital items and collectibles
  • Ongoing Perks: discounts, products, services, vouchers and rewards
“Brazil continues to cement itself as one of the most Web3-forward countries in the world,” commented Aaron Evans, Head of Operations at Moonbeam Foundation. “We’re thrilled to be working alongside innovative partners in DUX and Grupo RÃO to help foster an even stronger blockchain community and streamline Web3 adoption in Brazil.”

Moving forward, Moonbeam, Grupo RÃO and DUX plan to add further incentives, rewards, and gamification models to the loyalty program.

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Pioneer in the food delivery segment, with ten own brands - ranging from sushi, pizza, hamburgers to Arabic food, ice cream and Mexican food, and with more than 80 franchises distributed in Brazil and Portugal.


DUX is a Web3 onboarding company focused on being the largest wallet provider in Brazil and the LATAM region, leveraging the Web3 infrastructure through easy connections to Web2 applications. Our vision is to be a main digital wallet and digital ID provider in Brazil and Latin America, while connecting legacy companies, content creators and technology providers to the benefits of Web3.


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