LogX Integrates Orderly Network to Revolutionize DeFi Perps Trading

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LogX Integrates Orderly Network to Revolutionize DeFi Perps Trading

Singapore, Singapore, January 18th, 2024, Chainwire

Following the recently announced partnership between Orderly Network and LogX, the technical integration is completed and the team are excited to provide more details about this. This integration marks a significant step forward in Orderly's commitment to offering an unparalleled trading experience in the perps market.

API Integration: Orderly collaboration with LogX kicks off with a seamless API integration. LogX now taps into the Orderly liquidity layer via our API, gaining access to real-time data and the ability to execute trades efficiently on our comprehensive order book.

Access to Unrivaled Liquidity

This integration allows LogX users to tap into Orderly's robust liquidity layer via API, making it one of the most liquid avenues in the perps DEX space. With a network effect designed to deepen the order book, traders can enjoy enhanced liquidity, reduced slippage, and swift trade execution.

Competitive Fees and Best Mark Price

Leveraging LogX's sophisticated routing algorithms, which take into account crucial factors like mark price, depth, slippage, and fees, users are assured of accessing the optimal mark price and competitive fees on the LogX platform. Through this seamless integration, Orderly extends these benefits to its users, ensuring not only optimal mark prices but also competitive fees on the LogX platform. Traders can anticipate enhanced, cost-effective solutions without any compromise on the quality of trade execution.

Simplified Trading Experience

By abstracting the complexity of navigating multiple Perp DEXs through cross-chain liquidity aggregation, LogX simplifies the trading experience. Now with Orderly Network’s Omnichain capabilities, LogX traders can gain access to multiple liquidity sources through a single, user-friendly interface, streamlining the process and eliminating the need to manage various platforms.

Omnichain Trading Possibilities

LogX will initially integrate with Orderly's Arbitrum Asset Layer, enabling users to trade seamlessly on this layer. With plans to include integration with other major EVM chains, we will enable LogX users to trade natively on multiple chains without the need to bridge funds. Users will be able to seamlessly trade on different chains, as well as deposit and withdraw from other chains without worrying about liquidity ever. This omnichain approach opens up new possibilities for traders seeking diverse market opportunities.

“Integration with Orderly’s unified liquidity layer solves one of the core problems faced by traders and perp dexes. This partnership will ensure sufficient liquidity and optimal rates for any trader looking to trade perps on a blockchain. Looking forward to making LogX the leading perp dex for traders”, said Anshu Agarwal, Co-Founder, LogX.

Onchain Settlement

At the heart of Orderly’s infrastructure lies the Orderly Settlement Layer, native chain ensuring transparency and efficiency in all transactions for all Orderly Network vaults (Arbitrum vault being the first, with more vault deployments to come). Everything is settled on the Orderly Settlement layer –on-chain and transparent – epitomizing a true DeFi trading experience.

Orderly Omnichain SDK; Swift Integration and Reduced Developer Resources

As the first perps aggregator integrated with Orderly Network, LogX will leverage Orderly's robust SDK for continuous and rapid integrations. Builders can significantly reduce the required developer resources and simplify their integration with Orderly Network using the SDK. This process allows builders to focus on other aspects of their projects, accelerating development timelines and minimizing costs.

“Orderly Network’s partnership with LogX is just the beginning,” said Arjun Arora, COO Orderly Network. “LogX is the first perp DEX aggregator integrated with our infrastructure and we are excited to deliver a fusion of institutional grade liquidity and optimal prices to traders. The future looks promising not just for Orderly and LogX platforms, but for every trader who seeks an efficient, transparent, and user-friendly trading experience with competitive prices.”

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