Linera Launches Public Devnet to Expand its Breakthrough Microchain Technology to Rust Developers

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Linera Launches Public Devnet to Expand its Breakthrough Microchain Technology to Rust Developers

San Francisco, California, January 30th, 2024, Chainwire

Linera, the layer-1 blockchain protocol pioneering microchains to give users their own blockspace, today announced the deployment of its Devnet. Founded by Mathieu Baudet, a former Meta researcher and infrastructure engineer who helped develop the technology underlying Novi digital payments called FastPay, Linera’s technology brings unprecedented horizontal scalability to web3 through its unique protocol.

Linera’s groundbreaking microchain model grants each individual user wallet their own lightweight chains to store their assets and streamline web3 app interactions. Because Microchains are small enough to be replicated into browser extensions and mobile devices, Linera makes it easy for application interfaces to access the on-chain data of their users. The Linera system scales by adding chains, not by increasing the size or the production rate of blocks. During times of high demand, Linera's validators expand dynamically like elastic web services. Scaling at the validator level rather than at the blockchain level, this fresh approach unlocks horizontal scalability for web3 applications requiring support for limitless active users and real-time interactions.

Targeting Rust developers and built on the WebAssembly (Wasm) virtual machine, Linera’s Devnet is now available for testing. Developers can now test their projects on a small number of test validators operated by the Linera core team. This Devnet is the next step in testing and deploying on Linera, further streamlining the development process and offering a more efficient environment for developers building prototypes at the forefront of web3.

"Web3 is set to fundamentally change how we interact with the Internet, particularly in how web applications manage assets. At Linera, our goal is to redefine this landscape by ensuring our applications can consistently perform at scale for any number of users," stated Baudet. "Our approach with Linera is focused and user-centric, placing the needs and experiences of end users at the forefront of our protocol."

In August 2023, Linera successfully raised additional seed funding, reaching a total of $12 million from Borderless Capital, Laser Digital Ventures, Flow Traders, GSR Markets, and more, alongside continued support from a16z crypto, Tribe Capital, and Cygni Capital, who participated in the initial seed round. Linera continues to grow their team and global developer community.

“With Linera’s Devnet, we can test our social feed application in a more realistic environment, over a real network connection,” said Zhao KK, founder of ResPeer, a peer-to-peer content publishing platform built natively on the Linera SDK. “Linera’s unique architecture and support for Rust makes building on the platform intuitive, significantly accelerating our development process and freeing me up from maintaining my own backend infrastructure. Microchains open up new opportunities for the features I can build while ensuring performance. I’m excited to be actively involved in shaping this emerging ecosystem and cutting-edge technology.”

The introduction of Linera Devnet propels the Linera project forward, a significant step towards offering the blockchain community infrastructure that guarantees performance for an unlimited number of active users, thereby redefining what scalability looks like in web3. The availability of this Devnet reinforces Linera’s commitment to providing developers with robust tools and a versatile environment for innovation. By using the popular Rust programming language and putting end users at the center of the protocol, Linera’s microchains continue to build towards a paradigm shift in Web3 infrastructure that effectively addresses the needs of the blockchain community.

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About Linera

Linera is the first low-latency blockchain designed to scale elastically. Founded by Mathieu Baudet, a former Meta/Novi engineer and researcher, with a PhD in cryptographic protocols, Linera revolutionizes blockchain scalability by introducing microchains, removing mempools, and minimizing validator interactions. Linera optimizes performance for web3 applications used by a large number of active users in parallel, enabling unprecedented horizontal scalability for use cases such as retail payments, gaming micro-payments, messaging, proprietary trading, and blockchain bridges.


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