Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Keynote ETHDenver Fireside Chat With Caitlin Long

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Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Keynote ETHDenver Fireside Chat With Caitlin Long

February 22, 2024, Denver, CO - ETHDenver, the world’s largest Web3 Community Innovation Festival, returns for its 7th year and will feature key community leaders, and government and technology figures, including Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Other influential US policy leaders speaking at ETHDenver include:

Fireside chat with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Caitlin Long

The fireside chat on March 2 features Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Caitlin Long, Founder and CEO of Custodia Bank. It will be an honest conversation about how blockchain policy plays a role in accelerating privacy, transparency, and sovereignty for American citizens. Kennedy will host an audience question-and-answer session following the Fireside Chat, where the community can participate in an open conversation.

“ETHDenver is a big tent that invites conversation and sparks action. We are a blank canvas where anyone – from political leaders to builders – can have meaningful discussion and work to solve issues,” John Paller, Founder and Executive Steward of ETHDenver, said.

“We are not taking sides, we’re not left or right. We are for moving up. It’s Web3’s town hall that catalyzes creative collisions. This is an opportunity to talk about how we can advance policy. If we’re not providing the space for political leaders to talk about blockchain’s role in policy, who will?,” Paller said.

Other key speeches at ETHDenver include:

  • The opening ceremony on Feb. 29 with Governor Jared Polis and ETHDenver Founder John Paller
  • A fireside chat on Feb. 29 with SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce on “America's Crypto Future
  • A fireside chat on March 2 with Chris Dixon, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz and New York Times’s Best Selling Author of “Read, Write, Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet
  • A panel discussion on Feb. 29 with Commissioner Tung Chan on “Is Common-Sense Crypto Policy Within Reach?
  • A fireside chat on March 2 with US Representative Brittany Pettersen on “The Crypto Conversation in DC

The festival’s main event anticipates over 20,000 attendees and will feature 600 speakers. ETHDenver occurs in-person and is livestreamed from February 23 to March 3, 2024. ETHDenver’s #BUIDLathon, the industry's largest hackathon, kicks off on February 23, offering aspiring Web3 software builders and startups $1 million in prizes.

Presenting sponsoring projects at ETHDenver include Opolis, MetisDAO Foundation, and SevenX Ventures. Other sponsors include Chronicle Labs, Story Protocol, Chainlink Labs, Flat Money, Zetachain, XDC Foundation, Zircuit, 0x, Hedera, API3 DAO, Lorenzo Protocol, LUKSO, Filecoin Foundation,, Kontos, NEAR, Beam by Eco, and Polkadot.

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