INC4 Unveils Development Package for Decentralized Finance Startups

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INC4 Unveils Development Package for Decentralized Finance Startups

Tallinn, Estonia, October 31st, 2023, Chainwire

Blockchain development company INC4 has unveiled a bespoke package for decentralized finance projects. Targeted at startups in particular, INC4’s DeFi package enables new businesses to gain a foothold in decentralized finance and capitalize on the industry’s enormous potential for growth.

INC4 is a full stack software development company that specializes in DeFi solutions. From the base layer to the app layer, its software provides the security and accessibility that is required of decentralized applications (dapps). In addition to developing consumer- and enterprise-facing applications on behalf of its clients, INC4 can create protocols for projects seeking a native blockchain or layer-two on which to operate.

The DeFi industry attracts crypto-native startups as well as established companies operating in web2. Most of the rails on which decentralized finance runs use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which executes smart contracts written in Solidity. This results in a steep learning curve for web2 developers who are accustomed to working with languages such as JavaScript and Python. Thanks to its developers’ familiarity with Solidity and the EVM, INC4 can smooth the passage of web2 companies entering web3.

INC4’s DeFi development service package incorporates a full range of services for new and established projects. It includes:

  • DAO development
  • DEX development
  • DeFi wallet development
  • DeFi dapp development
  • Staking platform development
  • Smart contract creation and testing
  • Stablecoin development
  • Derivatives platform development

Due to its composable nature, which allows different components to be assembled like legos, DeFi supports the creation of sophisticated money markets. While open source code permits the creation of sophisticated financial instruments, it is imperative that DeFi protocols are extensively tested to ensure they cannot be exploited by adversaries. Having operated in the blockchain industry since 2013, INC4’s experienced developers excel at creating highly secure applications that can operate at scale.

Competitively priced, INC4’s turnkey solution for DeFi projects allows startups to turn their ideas into reality in record time. This accelerates the point at which they can begin onboarding users and accruing protocol revenue. Working from an initial concept, INC4 works closely with the client, ensuring that key deliverables are met and that the final product is launched to full specification. As a result, DeFi startups can safely enter the market in the knowledge that their protocol has been assembled by one of the industry’s most experienced and best qualified developer teams.

About INC4

Founded in 2013, the INC4 team lives and breathes blockchain. From DeFi platforms, smart contracts, exchanges and wallets to fully customized private blockchains and decentralized applications, INC4 helps clients implement web3 technology into their projects. Its turnkey DeFi package allows startups to hit the ground running with decentralized finance applications that are secure, composable, and user-friendly.

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