Holograph Brings Total Funding to $11M with Strategic Round Led By Mechanism and Selini Capital to Advance Omnichain Gaming

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Holograph Brings Total Funding to $11M with Strategic Round Led By Mechanism and Selini Capital to Advance Omnichain Gaming

Los Angeles, CA, April 29th, 2024, Chainwire

Leading omnichain tokenization protocol, Holograph, has secured a total of $11M in a strategic round led by Andrew Kang’s Mechanism Capital and Jordi Alexander’s Selini Capital. Holograph will use the funds to further develop its push to advance omnichain gaming. In addition to Mechanism & Selini, fresh capital came from Hal Press’ Northrock Capital, Arca, Courtside Ventures, and Hartmann Capital.

“We are thrilled to lead this strategic round for Holograph, a project that stands at the forefront of the omnichain gaming revolution,” said Andrew Kang, Managing Partner at Mechanism Capital. “The industry is on the verge of a major transformation, and Holograph’s cutting-edge tech paves the way for an exciting new era in which gamers and developers can harness the power of cross-chain interoperability. This investment reiterates our commitment to supporting dynamic ventures that push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming.”

Selini Capital’s founder, Jordi Alexander added: “We have been very bullish in the potential of cross-chain asset production and distribution, and with the demonstrable progress they have already made in that category, Holograph was an easy project to invest in. We see their ability to facilitate seamless asset transfer across multiple chains as opening up novel opportunities, for not just users but also for developers.”

Holograph allows game developers to tokenize assets on multiple chains. The protocol ensures that token addresses are consistent across all chains, simplifying asset management for developers and providing a smooth experience for players.

Holograph streamlines the deployment process, enabling developers to quickly deploy on new chains. This unlocks asset interoperability between games and NFT marketplaces, promoting liquidity and encouraging collaboration across various gaming platforms.

Since launching mainnet in 2023, Holograph has facilitated the minting of over 10 million omnichain tokens by 1.5 million unique wallets. In addition, Holograph has facilitated more than 2 million cross-chain transactions leveraging LayerZero’s cross-chain messaging protocol.

“We are immensely grateful for the support and confidence of our lead investors, as well as from all our strategic partners in this round,” said Jeremy Kerbel, Co-Founder and CEO of Holograph. “This milestone validates our vision and strengthens our resolve to enhance the gaming industry with our omnichain technology, enabling more immersive and interconnected experiences for all players.”

Holograph supports multiple EVM chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Base, Zora, Arbitrum, Mantle, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Linea. Omnichain NFTs can be minted on any supported chain and easily bridged to a different network. This gives game developers the freedom to host a token sale or issue NFTs on any supported network.

About Holograph

Holograph is an omnichain tokenization protocol. Asset issuers use Holograph to mint natively composable omnichain tokens, powered by LayerZero’s interoperability infrastructure. Holograph has been used to mint millions of omnichain tokens, making it the most widely used protocol for cross-chain asset production and distribution.

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