Green Real Estate Project Qlindo Debuts on MEXC

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Green Real Estate Project Qlindo Debuts on MEXC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 31st, 2023, Chainwire

In a defining moment for green real estate investment accessibility, Qlindo, the innovative project making waves in sustainable investing, announces its listing on the MEXC Exchange on May 31, 2023.

Prior to this exciting development, Qlindo carved a niche of reliability and impact in the green real estate and energy sector. From successfully completing an audit by CERTIK, one of the most respected auditing firms in the crypto industry, to forging a strong alliance with TechWoodHomes, Qlindo has consistently demonstrated commitment to its mission. As a result, the first green real estate projects have been funded, bolstering Qlindo’s impact in the market.

Moreover, despite the prevailing bear market conditions, Qlindo has maintained an impressive uptrend, appreciating by over 100% over the past year. This remarkable performance is attributed to early investors' steadfast faith in Qlindo’s long-term vision.

The listing on MEXC will broaden Qlindo's reach, enabling a wider audience to engage with the project and fostering potential growth and interest

In the spirit of celebration, MEXC Exchange will be hosting a grand Kickstarter Token Raffle. The event features an astounding prize pool of 10,000 USDT and 890,000 QLINDO tokens to be won. Users can participate in the raffle and stand a chance to win rewards. Users can find more details and join, by visiting the MEXC Kickstarter platform.

Michael Marczell, COO of Qlindo, expressed his enthusiasm about the development: "We are very pleased that the listing on MEXC makes it even easier to invest in QLINDO and, therefore, green real estate and green energy. QLINDO stands for accessible impact investing, and we are just getting started. Many thanks to MEXC."

But the exciting news doesn't end there. Qlindo is planning to announce another utility for its token in the upcoming weeks, adding even more value for its holders. While details remain under wraps, the update is set to further Qlindo's mission of making real estate investments more accessible for retail investors. #QLINDOX

Users can be part of Qlindo's groundbreaking moment by exploring the opportunities with QLINDO token. Embrace the future of green real estate and green energy investing, contributing to environmental sustainability and potential financial growth. To participate, users can create an account on the MEXC Exchange, where trading will begin on May 31, 2023.


About Qlindo

Qlindo is a project focused on bridging the gap between Blockchain Technology, and Green Real Estate and Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities. Through the QLINDO token, users are now able to invest in a diversified portfolio of green projects, led by an industry-leading expert team. The technology also allows investors to participate with their preferred amount, skipping the traditional interference of a middleman. Qlindo also collaborates with well-reputed and hand-picked real estate organizations such as TechWoodHomes to allow access to up-to-the-minute niche investments.

For more information: Official website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | LinkedIn


Michael Marczell