GetBlock RPC Provider Adds Base, zkSync, Linea, Starknet as Black Friday Promo Kicks Off

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GetBlock RPC Provider Adds Base, zkSync, Linea, Starknet as Black Friday Promo Kicks Off

Belgrade, Serbia, November 23rd, 2023, Chainwire

RPC node provider GetBlock adds support for all trending L2s: now it caters to the needs of 90% of Ethereum’s second layer ecosystem

With an exclusive Black Friday offer, GetBlock users can try the disruptive power of 55+ blockchains’ RPC endpoints enjoying a 20% discount.

GetBlock adds support for Base, zkSync, Linea, Starknet

GetBlock, a top-tier blockchain RPC node provider, announced it added support for Base, zkSync Era, Linea, and Starknet, the trending Ethereum’s L2 networks. New endpoints are available to the users of shared and dedicated GetBlock nodes.

Combined with Optimism and Arbitrum, two dominant Layer Two platforms on Ethereum, GetBlock's networks are now responsible for over 90% of net TVL of the global L2s ecosystem. New release makes GetBlock a go-to blockchain node provider for developers seeking for the game-changing power of major Ethereum’s L2s.

With new blockchains added, GetBlock customers don’t need to search for alternative providers even if they’re building multi-chain apps. Coinbase-incubated Base is available together with Matter Labs’ zkSync, ConsenSys’ Linea and StarkWare Labs’ Starknet.

Sophisticated retro airdrop hunters can equip their wallets with custom RPCs by GetBlock preparing for the hotly anticipated airdrops of 2024-2025.

Web3 teams can integrate Base, zkSync, Linea, and Starknet RPC endpoints via various interfaces including the likes of JSON RPC, WebSockets, GraphQL, and gRPC. Also, GetBlock can deploy archive nodes for new blockchains by requests.

GetBlock invites all cryptocurrency services to launch their applications on premium RPC endpoints of new networks. New users can experiment with its services for free (40K requests per day) or try limited (starting from $29 per 5M requests) and unlimited (starting from $399 per month) access to nodes. Also, for just $480 per month, developers can run a private node with 99,99% uptime, unmatched customizability and no rate limits.

Black Friday kicks off with 20% discount on all RPC nodes

Launched in 2019, GetBlock established itself as a reliable and innovative blockchain infrastructure provider. Currently, it connects dApps to the endpoints of 55+ blockchains including testnet and mainnet RPC nodes. In October, 2023, it deployed a major security upgrade and replaced API keys with access tokens to advance authorization security. GetBlock ranks in the Top 5 of blockchain node providers, as per data from CoinGecko, a largest independent cryptocurrencies tracker.

GetBlock’s Black Friday deal is always a big one: devs from across the globe are coming to purchase the endpoints to most popular networks at reduced price. This year Black Friday arrives on November 23 bringing 20% discounts on all shared and dedicated nodes packages by GetBlock.

GetBlock allows crypto apps to save 20% on limited and unlimited packages on both programmable (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon) and non-programmable (Bitcoin, Dogecoin) blockchains. New and existing clients are invited to enjoy the exclusive promo campaign.

Black Friday promo discount can be combined with regular progressive discount on 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-month plans. For instance, GetBlock offers one month of full dedicated node usage for $600, but customers of a 12-month plan only pay $480 per month. During Black Friday this premium package - which is a smart bet on the eve of bullish recovery - is available for $384 per month.

The Black Friday 2023 offer is also active for new blockchains. To participate in this long-anticipated massive promo, customers should only create an account, sign in and choose the package to purchase. The offer is valid until Monday, Nov.27.

Also, new customers of GetBlock can join the affiliate program and get up to 20% in rewards.


Launched in Q4, 2019, award-winning GetBlock is one of the largest blockchain infrastructure providers. It offers RPC nodes of 55+ blockchains including the likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain and L2 networks Optimism and Arbitrum.

With GetBlock, teams of crypto applications don’t need to run their own blockchain nodes: instead, they can get connected to blockchains via ready-made API endpoints. To meet the requirements of various dApps, GetBlock offers free and paid packages.

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