Foxify's Token Launch on BitMart & MEXC

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Foxify's Token Launch on BitMart & MEXC

London, United Kingdom, September 24th, 2023, Chainwire

Foxify, the dynamic leader in blockchain technology, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking peer-to-peer trading platform. With a focus on unparalleled user experience and continuous innovation, Foxify combines the security of decentralised finance (DeFi) with the convenience of centralised finance (CeFi), setting a new standard in the industry and shaping the future of trading.

Foxify will be launching their token soon on pre-sale and public launch to follow on the 10th of October at BitMart and MEXC, which can be staked to earn a share of the platform trading fees.

At the core of Foxify's platform lies the innovative OptiTrade Technology, designed to provide users with a seamless and intuitive trading experience. This cutting-edge technology enables one-click wallet creation, gasless transactions, and cross-chain swapping, ensuring maximum usability, security, and efficiency. By leveraging OptiTrade Technology, Foxify puts control back into the hands of users, providing a truly decentralised ecosystem for trading and finance.

A key highlight of the Foxify platform is the introduction of Foxify Options, which brings a revolutionary approach to options trading. Unlike traditional options platforms, Foxify Options allows users to trade options directly with peers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This peer-to-peer options trading feature enables users to set their own terms, strike prices, and expiration dates, providing unprecedented flexibility and control. With Foxify Options, traders of all levels can access previously untapped opportunities and potentially earn returns on their investments.

In addition to Foxify Options, Foxify offers Foxify Perps, enabling traders to engage in perpetual futures contracts with high leverage of up to 50x. This feature allows traders to amplify their trading positions and potentially maximise their profits. With Foxify Perps, experienced traders can employ sophisticated strategies while novice traders gain exposure to a dynamic and diverse trading environment. It opens up a world of possibilities, providing an avenue for advanced trading opportunities with enhanced earning potential.

Transparency and security are of utmost importance in the DeFi space. Foxify is proud to have undergone a rigorous triple auditing process by industry leaders:

- Certik

- Hacken

- Halborn

This comprehensive auditing ensures that the platform's smart contracts, protocols, and security measures are sound and reliable, providing users with a high level of trust and confidence. With the triple auditing certification, Foxify sets a new standard for security and transparency in the decentralised trading ecosystem.

To further enhance the engagement and participation of the community, Foxify introduces the Foxify Token. As an ERC-20 token, the Foxify Token allows users to stake and earn a share of trading fees generated on the platform. This innovative tokenomics model not only incentivizes active participation but also aligns the interests of token holders with the success of the platform. Holding and staking Foxify Tokens empowers users with the potential for long-term growth and additional rewards.

Foxify proudly announces its collaboration with Tyson Fury, the world heavyweight champion, who serves as the brand ambassador for the company. Fury's undying determination, resilience, and strong character align perfectly with Foxify's core values. This partnership showcases Foxify's commitment to excellence and its mission to provide traders with a platform that empowers them to achieve their financial goals.

Foxify has an exciting product development roadmap planned for the future. In the pipeline is the launch of the Proportional Liquidity Pool (PLP), a unique liquidity mining feature that rewards liquidity providers with Foxify Tokens. This innovation will enhance liquidity on the platform and further increase the benefits for token holders. Additionally, Foxify plans to expand its perpetual futures offering, introduce an affiliate program, and conduct a token presale and token launch in September, ensuring continuous growth and a vibrant ecosystem.

Foxify is led by a visionary and experienced team, including CEO Danny Winn, CTO Alex Dolgov, CMO Alice Regan, Head of Operations Harley Simpson, and Strategic Advisor Tuan Nguyen. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise in blockchain technology, finance, and trading. With their combined knowledge, Foxify has positioned itself as an innovative and trusted leader in the decentralised trading industry.

Exploring the Innovations of Foxify

Users can learn more about Foxify and its groundbreaking peer-to-peer trading platform, by visiting Foxify's website and accessing Foxify's comprehensive whitepaper. Users can Stay updated on the latest news and developments by subscribing to Foxify's YouTube channel and following Foxify's official Medium publication.

About Foxify

Foxify is a dynamic blockchain company at the forefront of decentralised peer-to-peer trading platforms. Powered by OptiTrade Technology, Foxify combines the advantages of DeFi and CeFi, offering users a secure, seamless, and innovative trading experience. With groundbreaking features such as Foxify Options and Foxify Perps, Foxify empowers traders to unlock their full potential. Built on transparency, security, and continuous innovation, Foxify is shaping the future of decentralised trading.

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