Foundation Launches to Pioneer the Future of Decentralized Crypto Trading

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Foundation Launches to Pioneer the Future of Decentralized Crypto Trading

Koszalin, Poland, March 18th, 2024, Chainwire

In a significant leap forward for the cryptocurrency trading sphere, Foundation has announced the launch of its groundbreaking decentralized exchange platform, blending the efficiency of Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) with the permissionless and transparent nature of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). Aimed at revolutionizing the on-chain trading experience, Foundation introduces an order book model that promises a lightning-fast trading engine capable of handling thousands of transactions per second and managing billions in daily trading volumes.

This innovative platform is set to redefine the standards of decentralized trading by offering a suite of features that includes a Unified Liquidity Marketplace, Maximum Transparency through its Exchange Explorer, a Permissionless framework for token listing, and Composability for developers to build advanced trading strategies. Furthermore, Foundation is expanding the horizon of crypto trading by supporting multiple asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, and forex through its perpetual synthetic trading engine.

As part of its roadmap, Foundation has successfully completed its "Ignition" phase, launching a prototype and undergoing extensive testing to refine its offering. Currently, in the "Orbit Preparation" phase, the platform has made the beta testnet version available, emphasizing the integration of key functionalities such as perpetual and spot trading, along with an innovative Engagement Points System to reward community participation.

Looking ahead, the "Liftoff" phase will see the mainnet launch, introducing full trading functionalities and marking a significant step towards decentralization, transparency, and openness. The final phase, "Deep Space Journey", is set to transform Foundation into an independent and sovereign blockchain, cementing its commitment to decentralization and the platform's longevity.

Originating from Level Finance, a robust oracle-based exchange with a remarkable track record, Foundation is built by a team of seasoned professionals. Their collective experience in both centralized and decentralized exchange development positions Foundation to significantly impact the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

About Foundation

Foundation emerges from the vision to create a comprehensive trading ecosystem that transcends traditional exchange models. By combining the best aspects of CEXs and DEXs, Foundation aims to provide a sustainable, efficient, and transparent trading platform. Its roots in Level Finance, with significant achievements in trading volume and community rewards, underscore its potential to redefine cryptocurrency trading.

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