Etherland To Launch Tecra Space Funding Round

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Etherland To Launch Tecra Space Funding Round

Auckland, New Zealand, March 14th, 2024, Chainwire

Etherland will be launching a funding round on the blockchain investment platform Tecra Space on April 9.

This campaign will support the continued development of Etherland's technology, addressing practical challenges within the global real estate industry. The solutions focus on streamlining processes, improving security, and creating greater efficiency for B2B transactions.

The Tecra Space campaign offers investors the chance to participate in this project with a range of investment tiers. Funds raised will directly fuel the expansion of Etherland's technology and its real-world applications.

Tecra Space: Community-Focused Fundraising

Etherland's decision to launch its fundraising campaign on Tecra Space aligns perfectly with the company's goals. Tecra Space specializes in supporting early-stage blockchain projects. Unlike traditional fundraising models, it allows Etherland to raise capital without sacrificing ownership or control of its technology. This approach resonates with Etherland's commitment to innovation and desire to maintain autonomy.

“Tecra Space shares our vision for decentralized innovation. Their model allows us to accelerate Etherland's growth while ensuring our technology remains in the hands of our team and the community it serves,” stated Alexis Brand, the CEO of Etherland.

Here are the features Tecra Space offers for early participants:

  • Early Access: Investing early allows users to support cutting-edge blockchain solutions with the potential for growth.
  • Community-Driven: Tecra Space encourages a strong investor community, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing around promising blockchain projects.

Tecra Space: Participation Tiers and Rewards

The Tecra Space campaign offers a range of participation tiers, each with unique benefits and rewards. These include:

  • NFT Investment Certificates: Distinctive INVCERT NFTs granting special community status, investor communication channels, and voting power within Etherland's DAO.
  • Top 15 Rewards: The top 15 contributors receive exclusive NFTs, including those from the "LANDAO" and "Lost Worlds" collections, and the opportunity to mint custom LANDIDs.
  • NFT Lottery: All participants are entered into a lottery with the chance to win valuable NFTs, supporting heritage preservation and unlocking potential future benefits.

A step-by-step guide to participating in the Tecra Space fundraising round:

  1. Starting Out: Interested Users can create a free account on the Tecra Space website.
  2. Choosing Funding Method: Users can select a preferred way to deposit funds – options typically include bank transfer, PayPal, debit/credit cards, or cryptocurrency.
  3. Finding the Etherland Campaign: Users browse through active campaigns on Tecra Space and locate the Etherland project page, of which will be live in the near future.
  4. Exploring the Tiers: Users should carefully review the available investment tiers and their associated rewards to find the best fit.
  5. Making Contribution: Users are to selected the desired tier, enter the amount, and complete the transaction using the Tecra Space wallet.

Etherland: Disrupting the Real Estate Industry with Blockchain Tech

The global real estate industry faces significant challenges, including slow processes, security vulnerabilities, and limited transparency. Etherland aims to address these issues head-on by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Here's how Etherland's approach offers tangible solutions:

  • Streamlining Transactions: Etherland's ProApp employs decentralized identifiers, secure document management, and efficient workflows to accelerate the transaction process.
  • Bolstering Security: Blockchain's inherent encryption and distributed ledger system provide superior protection for sensitive real estate data.
  • Promoting Transparency: NFTs generate tamper-proof records of ownership and property history, enhancing trust between all parties involved.
  • Powering the Ecosystem: The ELAND token plays a crucial role within Etherland's network, enabling transactions, incentivizing participation, and offering governance rights.

Etherland's focus on real-world applications of blockchain technology has the potential to streamline operations and create new opportunities within the real estate sector.

Etherland aims to position itself as a virtual real estate market leader.


Beyond B2B: The Estatepedia and Heritage Preservation

Etherland's ambitions extend beyond revolutionizing business transactions. The Estatepedia is a decentralized, blockchain-based encyclopedia of the world's iconic landmarks. The Tecra Space funding round will allow the team to improve the technology behind Estatepedia, which relies on NFTs acting as secure digital vaults capable of storing vast amounts of historical data, images, and even 3D models associated with specific locations.

The Estatepedia has the potential to:

  • Preserve History: Create immutable records of cultural heritage sites, ensuring their stories endure.
  • Foster Global Collaboration: Enable communities worldwide to contribute knowledge and enrich the understanding of their local landmarks.
  • Safeguard Knowledge: Protect precious historical information from potential loss or alteration.
  • Impressive Track Record: The landmarks Etherland NFT collection has documented some of the most important landmarks on the planet and has a floor price of over ETH 1 ($3,200), with some sales exceeding $10,000.

The Tecra Space campaign is crucial for making the Estatepedia a reality. The development of secure storage, intuitive document management, and interactive community features directly supports this initiative. Tecra Space participants are early backers of a leading web3 real estate venture that champions the global effort to safeguard our shared human history.

About Etherland

Etherland's blockchain-powered solutions address tangible problems, offering the promise of streamlined processes, greater security, and a more accessible market. The project's ProApp has already been used to improve the documentation of real estate and landmarks, but now the team is looking to take the next step.

The Tecra Space campaign allows users to join this journey into real-estate innovation and be part of Etherland's larger vision to preserve cultural heritage through Estatepedia.

To learn more and participate, join the Etherland community via Telegram, Discord, and X.

A dedicated Etherland landing page will be published on Tecra in the coming days, where users can take part in the raise.


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