EDCON 2023 unveils Open Loyalty solution from Smart Token Labs

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EDCON 2023 unveils Open Loyalty solution from Smart Token Labs

Sydney, Australia, May 20th, 2023, Chainwire

The EDCON 2023 organizing team has partnered with Smart Token Labs to deliver Permissionless Perks, an Open Loyalty solution that enables event attendees to independently verify ticket ownership to 3rd party perk providers.

Attendees at EDCON 2023 in Montenegro from May 19th - 23rd, can claim over 30 exclusive perks available only to them.

CEO of Smart Token Labs, Victor Zhang, said Permissionless Perks is one of the few commercial examples of Open Loyalty: “ It’s a permissionless Open Loyalty solution where the verification occurs between the ticket holder and the perk provider without involving the event organizer. A URL delivered to attendees is an attestation that attests ticket ownership and is then stored in the browser’s local storage to enable the seamless claim of perks on the providers’ websites."
Sky Harris, Marketing Lead of De University of Ethereum, co-organizer of EDCON, praised Permissionless Perks as a great way to create additional value for attendees: “What we love about this solution is it enables any 3rd party to add value to the attendee experience by providing perks for our ticket holders. It's a truly permissionless and decentralized solution, and attestations unlock unique value.”
“There are over 30 perks for attendees, ranging from the ability to free mint a derivative Cool Cat in EDCON swag to the chance to claim one of 50 serves of ‘Njegusi Prosciutto’ from a famed local Montenegrin restaurant.

“We thank our friends at Smart Token Labs for supporting EDCON by enabling ticket attestations and Permissionless Perks via their fully open source TokenScript technology.”

STL has now delivered the Permissionless Perks as a public goods supporter to the three largest ethereum developer events of 2022 and 2023 including EDCON 2023 in Montenegro, Devcon VI in Bogota, and DevConnect in Amsterdam.

About Permissionless Perks

Permissionless Perks is an open loyalty platform enabling any brand to offer a perk to event ticket holders through an open marketplace. Because it is open, any brand can create value for verified event attendees, removing the burden of value creation from the event organizer. At Devcon VI in Bogota, Permissionless Perks had a 58% engagement rate, and a 20% claim rate on rewards which is 2X the industry average.

About Smart Token Labs

Smart Token Labs is the creator of SmartLayer, a chain agnostic Token Utility Protocol that enables mainstream use cases between web2 and web3. SmartLayer consists of Smart Tokens that let businesses convert user data into smart tokens owned by those users. Token utility is enabled by SmartLayer seamlessly integrating token utility and logic into products and services across both web2 and web3.

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