DSCVR Passes 200k User Milestone

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DSCVR Passes 200k User Milestone

Los Angeles, California, May 9th, 2023, Chainwire

Retains Crown as Web3’s Biggest Social Network and SocialFi Platform

DSCVR, the largest and most popular Web3 social network and social finance (SocialFi) platform, has surpassed the 200,000 user mark – a key milestone on its journey towards making crypto functionality easily accessible to anyone who knows how to use social media.

DSCVR’s focus on coupling familiar social media experiences with the most diverse set of crypto features available in Web3 has made it an appealing choice for content creators, crypto projects, and community builders alike.

DSCVR is not just a social media platform, it is also an easy-to-navigate SocialFi economy. In the two years since its launch, a total of 6.7 million tokens have been transacted on the platform: a real demonstration of its users’ growing economic power.

A wide range of easy-to-use tools allow DSCVR’s loyal and expanding user base to create, collaborate on, share, and monetize content, to interact with the creators they admire, and to interact with – and even build – user-governed communities tailored to their interests.

Communities and individual creators can earn digital assets through tips, airdrops, or NFT sales. Users can then choose how to deploy these profits – by putting them back into the community, for instance, or perhaps directing them toward a cause favored by members.

Users, meanwhile, can show their appreciation of content they admire through tips. Users can also send and receive airdrops and transfer tokens throughout the platform – all without ever having to set up a wallet.

DSCVR offers all the features users find most convenient about Web2 social platforms while making Web3 functionality more accessible than ever. Value flows seamlessly through the platform in the form of tokens, which can be easily shared or transacted. Users are building tokenized communities called portals around fungible tokens, NFTs, and Web3 games. Portals give ownership to communities by granting roles and permissions based on token holding.

Further, DSCVR stays true to its Web3 ethos by emphasizing user ownership. With DSCVR, individuals can decide how to monetize their content, and what shows up in their feeds, and can even have a voice in the direction of the platform itself. The network also offers users a degree of financial power unheard of in Web2.

“Users, creators, and communities are increasingly frustrated by mainstream social media platforms with their limitations, unexpected rule changes, and opaque power structures,” said DSCVR CEO Rick Porter.
Rick added: "The future of social media lies in giving power back to users. They should be able to make their own decisions about how to structure their communities, how and with whom they connect, and whether and how to monetize their content. By giving users sway over their creations and their communities, DSCVR is leading the way in this movement.”

With more than 200k users, 20M posts, comments and upvotes and more than 6.7 million tokens transacted, the network's continued growth is a testament to its potential to shape the future of social media.

Join the revolution with DSCVR and be part of the future of online communities.


DSCVR (pronounced “Discover”) is a boundary-breaking Web3 social network that combines a familiar social media context with underlying crypto and fintech functionality. The most rapidly adopted Web3 social media network, DSCVR is also the largest.

By coupling the accessibility of Web2 platforms with the most diverse set of crypto features available in decentralized social media, DSCVR has become the social media and SocialFi network of choice for content creators and community builders. The platform has become a launchpad for tokenized communities where users can gate based on token ownership, configure governance, airdrop token rewards, and earn digital assets.


Mary Victoria Moreno