District Labs Unveils Emerald - A Personalized Onchain Assistant to Optimize Crypto Holdings

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District Labs Unveils Emerald - A Personalized Onchain Assistant to Optimize Crypto Holdings

New York, NY, March 18th, 2024, Chainwire

District Labs today announced the launch of Emerald, an onchain assistant designed to help crypto investors discover, access, and optimize yield opportunities across decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Emerald simplifies the complexities of finding DeFi opportunities by providing personalized yield recommendations tailored to each user's unique risk profile and financial goals.

Cutting Through the DeFi Noise

As the landscape of protocols, networks, and applications grows exponentially, users face an overwhelming number of choices - leading to decision paralysis that hampers widespread adoption. Emerald stand out by analyzing onchain data across leading protocols like Aave, Compound, Frax, Lido, and more. It combines this protocol analysis with insights into each user’s current portfolio positions, balances, and behavior to surface the best yield opportunities perfectly suited for their needs.

“The amount of choices you’re faced with in crypto is a major tax on time and attention. Even the savviest investors struggle to evaluate changing variables and keep up with the latest developments,” said Justin Bassey, co-founder and CEO of District Labs. “Emerald cuts through the noise by curating personalized recommendations, allowing anyone to effortlessly optimize their onchain portfolios.”

Seamless, Streamlined & Fee-Free

Unlike many crypto apps that require new wallets or asset migration, Emerald seamlessly integrates with users’ existing wallets. Users can search their address or ENS, and Emerald analyzes their onchain data to provide tailored yield recommendations across supported networks including Ethereum, Optimism, Base, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

Emerald then allows users to seamlessly enter those yield positions directly through the app’s interface - wrapping the entire investment flow into a single streamlined action. The platform is currently free to use, with no transaction fees.

Unlocking Onchain Wealth Creation

An astonishing 85% of all cryptocurrencies sit idle - missing out on lucrative DeFi yields regularly reaching over 20% APY. By simplifying access to battle-tested lending, staking and liquidity protocols, Emerald bridges this divide, empowering users to unlock the wealth-building potential of their onchain assets.

“Building sustainable onchain wealth is hard,” Bassey stated. “With Emerald, we’re eliminating a lot of the steps that prevent everyday users from having a ‘set it and forget it’ DeFi experience that compounds their crypto holdings.”

Forging a Frictionless Future

While initially focused on curating optimal yield positions, Emerald’s overarching vision is to create the most seamless onchain experience. Through automations and smart transactions, Emerald aims to systematically eliminate all unnecessary hurdles.

Emerald is available now for individual crypto users at Users are encouraged to follow updates via Twitter, or join discussions on Farcaster.

About District Labs

District Labs is a New York-based web3 company dedicated to connecting the decentralized web through simple and innovative products like Emerald. By enhancing accessibility, District Labs empowers users to maximize their onchain potential.


Justin Bassey, Co-founder & CEO

Emerald - Let Opportunity Come To You


Co-founder & CEO
Justin Bassey
District Labs