DefiEdge and Camelot DEX Collaborate for Advanced Liquidity Management on Algebra V2 Contracts

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DefiEdge and Camelot DEX Collaborate for Advanced Liquidity Management on Algebra V2 Contracts

DefiEdge, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity management platform, is thrilled to announce its upcoming deployment on Camelot Decentralized Exchange (DEX), a top-tier automated market maker (AMM) platform on Arbitrum that recently integrated Algebra v2’s concentrated liquidity solutions.

This strategic move will enable Camelot DEX to leverage DefiEdge's advanced liquidity management features to help users deploy liquidity and optimize yields on concentrated liquidity decentralized exchanges (DEXes).

DefiEdge, known for its innovative solutions to liquidity management issues within the DeFi space, is aiming to revolutionize the way users interact with AMM platforms like Camelot DEX. By deploying on Camelot DEX’s Algebra V2 contracts, DefiEdge will unlock a suite of comprehensive liquidity management tools designed to maximize efficiency and profitability for liquidity providers.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Camelot DEX, a true innovator in the Defi space. Our collaboration will enable us to provide efficient liquidity management solutions, empowering LPs and facilitating growth,” said the CMO of DefiEdge, Nischal Gaba. “Together, we will drive positive change and reshape the Defi ecosystem."

He further added: “This strategic move will enable Camelot to leverage a multitude of DefiEdge's advanced liquidity management features, taking its capabilities to new heights.”

The integration of DefiEdge’s advanced features, including Automated Liquidity Optimization (ALO), which rebalances user positions and portfolio performance analytics, is expected to play a crucial role in promoting transparency, increasing accessibility, and optimizing liquidity provision on Camelot DEX.

"We’re excited to build alongside a team that shares our vision of bringing sophisticated trading tools to the general community,” said Camelot DEX's Chief Bullish Officer, who is known as IronBoots.

“At Camelot DEX, we aim to support the Arbitrum ecosystem with sustainable liquidity. That’s why we’re so excited to bring DefiEdge’s advanced innovative features to our community and, by extension, to the entire ecosystem. Concentrated liquidity is a highly efficient tool for liquidity providers and traders. But its complexity means it is unusable by the majority of DeFi users. This partnership with DefiEdge will unlock the potential of Camelot DEX’s infrastructure, allowing users to manage their positions much more effectively.”

This step marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. As DefiEdge expands its services within Camelot, users can look forward to more initiatives that will further enhance the functionality and user experience of providing liquidity.

By showcasing how advanced liquidity management solutions can seamlessly integrate with established AMM platforms, DefiEdge and Camelot are setting a precedent for the future of DeFi: one that promotes accessibility, profitability, and efficiency.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting partnership as DefiEdge continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the DeFi liquidity management space.

About DefiEdge:
DefiEdge is a pioneering asset management platform that provides LPs with sophisticated strategies and tools for optimizing their yield farming and liquidity provision. With a focus on capital efficiency and automation, DefiEdge aims to empower LPs with innovative solutions that enhance their earnings while minimizing the time and effort required for managing their liquidity positions. DefiEdge is committed to driving the adoption of DeFi and revolutionizing the asset management landscape in the crypto space. Visit for more information.


About Camelot DEX:
Camelot DEX is a leading automated market maker (AMM) platform known for its innovative approach to DeFi solutions. With a focus on security, efficiency, and ease of use, it provides a reliable and user-friendly platform for liquidity providers and traders alike.

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