D-Central Unveils Open-Source Hashboard Tester, Refurbished Mining Gear, Mini-S9 Bitaxe

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D-Central Unveils Open-Source Hashboard Tester, Refurbished Mining Gear, Mini-S9 Bitaxe

Laval, Canada, May 25th, 2023, Chainwire

D-Central Technologies Inc., a leading Bitcoin mining service provider committed to promoting decentralization in the crypto space, is thrilled to announce three major developments that promise to significantly impact the cryptocurrency community.

Firstly, D-Central is proud to introduce the world's first-ever open-source hashboard tester. This pioneering device can currently test basic models of the Antminer series, with plans underway to support more brands and hashboards. This tool empowers DIY enthusiasts to perform diagnostics and repairs on their hardware with unprecedented ease and efficiency, reflecting D-Central's commitment to equipping miners with the resources they need for success. The files required to reproduce this open-source hashboard tester can be downloaded free of charge from the D-Central website here.

Secondly, D-Central is excited to announce that they have replenished their inventory with new batches of affordable refurbished mining hardware, primarily one-generation-old ASIC miners. As institutional miners shift to the latest equipment generations, D-Central is set to provide retail miners with meticulously refurbished, high-quality machines, all available at competitive prices and backed by a three-month warranty. This initiative underscores D-Central's efforts to reduce e-waste and promote environmentally friendly practices within the crypto industry.

D-Central is also pleased to unveil the Mini-S9 powered by Bitaxe, the ultimate desktop solo Bitcoin miner. This compact, stylish device, complete with a 3D printed case reminiscent of an Antminer S9, is the perfect companion for anyone looking to venture into solo Bitcoin mining. With a BM1397 ASIC chip, the Mini-S9 boasts an impressive mining capacity of over 400 GH/s at an efficiency of 0.03J/GH. The device's built-in ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 wifi microcontroller allows it to mine directly to a pool over WiFi, eliminating the need for an external computer. This novel device perfectly blends low-cost, low-power, and high-performance elements to create the ideal miner for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

These announcements follow the success of D-Central's "Hash No Cash" promotion, a transformative program designed to optimize mining operations and reduce costs by trading in broken hardware for repair services. This innovative solution allows institutional miners to retain their cash flow for the acquisition of new equipment. As a result, mining facilities leveraging the "Hash No Cash" program can achieve up to 30% more hashrate compared to processing repairs in-house.

"D-Central's latest offerings – the open-source hashboard tester, affordable refurbished mining hardware, and the Mini-S9 – are testaments to our commitment to empowering the crypto community," said Jonathan Bertrand, CEO of D-Central Technologies Inc. "We're steadfast in our mission to decentralize the Bitcoin mining industry, and these initiatives significantly further that goal."

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D-Central Technologies Inc. is a leading Bitcoin mining service provider based in Quebec, Canada. The company offers a range of services, including consulting, hardware sourcing, mining hosting, ASIC repairs, maintenance training, and mining support and outsourcing. D-Central also produces informative content for clients and sells a variety of ASIC repair tools and parts in its online store.

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