Core Chain Partners With D3 To Apply For .core Top-Level Domain

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Core Chain Partners With D3 To Apply For .core Top-Level Domain

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 15th, 2024, Chainwire

Core Chain, a Layer-1 blockchain running on a combined Proof-of-Work and Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism known as Satoshi Plus, has announced its partnership with D3 Global, a next-generation domain name company developing interoperable digital identities, to apply for and obtain the .core Top-Level Domain (TLD) during ICANN’s upcoming application window.

In the year since its mainnet launch, Core Chain has managed to build a flourishing ecosystem with over 5 million active wallets on its network. By partnering with D3, the project aims to enhance the accessibility and growth of the wider Web3 ecosystem by offering seamless integration to existing Internet infrastructure, aligning with its mission to onboard the next billion Web3 users.

Existing Web3 naming solutions do not offer interoperability with traditional Internet infrastructure, including the Domain Name System (DNS), websites, email and devices. Partnering with D3 will allow Core Chain to pursue its own dedicated .core TLD, and bridge the gap between Web1, Web2, and Web3, giving it access to over 5.3 billion Internet users without the need for third party software or integrations.

“We’re excited to partner with D3 to bridge the divide between traditional Internet and Web3 infrastructure. With over 5 million active wallets since our mainnet launch, this step aligns with our mission to make Web3 more accessible and intuitive for the next billion users. By integrating seamlessly into existing Internet infrastructure, we will not just expand our ecosystem but also pave the way for a more interconnected and user-friendly Web3 experience,” said Rich Rines, Initial Contributor at Core Chain.

“Our partnership with Core Chain reaffirms our commitment to making Web3 more accessible, scalable and secure through futureproof, interoperable digital identities with DNS at the foundation,” said Fred Hsu, Chief Executive Officer at D3. “We are excited to have Core Chain join us on this journey, while bringing their users real, usable Web3 identities.“

D3’s patent-pending platform is set to integrate traditional Internet and Web3 ecosystems to deliver enhanced utility, security, and universal access for what the company calls ‘real Web3 domains.’ Users can sign up for early access starting today.

About Core Chain

Core Chain is a Bitcoin-powered layer one blockchain for EVM-Compatible smart contracts. It uses a novel Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism, integrating the best aspects of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. With 40% of Bitcoin mining hash power contributing to its security in exchange for unlocking Bitcoin utility and rewards, Core Chain is becoming the most Bitcoin-aligned EVM chain (BTCfi, Bitcoin staking, and more). This breakthrough has amassed a massive community of 2.1M Twitter followers, 250k Discord members, etc which has translated into millions of CORE holders, over 14M unique addresses, and 220M transactions since its mainnet launch a year ago.

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About D3 Global

D3 Global is a digital infrastructure provider that delivers secure, decentralized, and interoperable identities on the root layer of the internet - the Domain Name System (DNS). D3’s patent-pending platform will be the first to deliver real domain names that seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional Internet infrastructure and Web3 ecosystems. D3 team consists of industry veterans with over three decades of collective experience, known for leading domain name monetization, internet protocols, and various TLD operations including .xyz, .inc, .tv, and .link.

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