cheqd Teams Up With Andromeda & Devolved AI To Accelerate Growth In Trusted Data Markets

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cheqd Teams Up With Andromeda & Devolved AI To Accelerate Growth In Trusted Data Markets

Paris, France, April 11th, 2024, Chainwire

cheqd, the startup that enables users and organizations to gain control and portability of their data, announced key partnerships that will accelerate its mission to create a new paradigm around Trusted Data economies, such as re-usable KYC in Web3, preference data markets and others that put the user at the center.

Its new partners include Andromeda, which is building an on-chain suite of products, tools and utilities powered by its decentralized operating system aOS. Andromeda’s goal is to make Web3 interactions simpler, paving the way for developers to build better, faster on-chain applications more easily.

Meanwhile, Devolved AI is spearheading an effort to reshape ownership and governance in the rapidly-growing artificial intelligence industry. Its transformative platform puts AI ownership in the hands of its users, fostering greater trust and transparency in addition to community governance. Its goal is to redefine the relationship between AI and humanity, and give everyone the ability to vote, earn rewards and play a role in the future of this game-changing technology.

Trusted Data Markets For Web3 Developers

The alliance with cheqd is a significant milestone for Andromeda as it embarks on its mission to empower developers building the future of Web3 with the most secure, user-controlled data solutions.

cheqd is laying the foundations for a Trusted Data landscape that will allow users to manage their data and secure their privacy in Web3. Its platform enables the creation of Trusted Data Markets that will facilitate the exchange of data and monetization in a portable, verifiable and privacy-preserving way. Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Blockchain technology sit at the heart of its platform, which will provide the infrastructure and trust layer needed to support Trusted Data marketplaces.

With its public permissionless network, cheqd is crafting the first-of-its-kind payment rails, decentralized identities (DIDs), customizable commercial models and governance structures to support Trusted Data.

By partnering with cheqd, Andromeda will empower its nascent ecosystem of Web3 builders, giving them access to secure, user-controlled data solutions. It will provide the tools aOS developers need to build superior decentralized applications (dApps) with enhanced data management and trust, leading to more fulfilling, user-centric experiences.

Andromeda developers will be uniquely able to leverage cheqd’s Trusted Data Markets, enhancing the privacy, security and transparency of their dApps to create the confidence Web3 users demand. By enhancing user experiences, the partnership will accelerate growth and innovation in the Andromeda ecosystem, facilitating the rapid expansion of decentralized networks.

Decentralized Reputations To Enhance AI Trust

cheqd will play an equally important role in accelerating Devolved AI’s mission to democratize the AI landscape. Thanks to this collaboration, Devolved AI will incorporate cheqd’s innovations in DIDs and Trusted Data Markets to create a novel decentralized reputation system that rewards contributors while providing verified data to its growing library of open-source AI models.

By integrating DIDs into AI-focused Layer-1 network, Devolved AI can ensure its users have full control over their digital selves, so they can interact in a trusted way without revealing their identities. Meanwhile, cheqd’s Trusted Data Markets will be paramount in guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the data that’s used to train its AI, enabling it to meet the need for intelligent models that are fully ethical and transparent.

Devolved AI’s decentralized reputation system will be built atop of cheqd’s infrastructure in order to reimagine how credibility in Web3 is built and maintained. By leveraging the immutability of blockchain, it will create a fair and transparent system where actions speak louder than words. DIDs will serve to amplify the voice of participants in Devolved AI’s ecosystem, with the contributions of its most trusted users carrying far greater weight.

In this way, Devolved AI is creating an ecosystem for AI development where trust will be one of the most prized credentials in a community that holds integrity in the highest regard.

About cheqd

cheqd is the only privacy-preserving payment and credential network that empowers users and organizations with ownership, portability, and control over their data.Building upon Decentralised Identity (DID) and Verifiable Credentials, data can be transacted while prioritizing individual privacy.

Creds is cheqd’s first product, a no-code decentralized reputation platform for communities to build trust and loyalty. Creds also provides the ability to verify someone’s reputation, including who they work for within Telegram i.e. without either party needing to leave the app, to prevent scams and fraud.

If you are interested in creating your own trusted data marketplace that empowers your users to manage and monetise their own data, or leverage Verifiable Credentials and Decentralised Identifiers to verify the source of your data, contact us at


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