Bunzz Launches AI-Powered Smart Contract Audit Tool with Free Audits for First 20 Projects

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Bunzz Launches AI-Powered Smart Contract Audit Tool with Free Audits for First 20 Projects

Singapore, Singapore, January 3rd, 2024, Chainwire

Bunzz pte ltd (Singapore), the operator of the Web3 development infrastructure "Bunzz", has announced the release of the open beta version of its AI-powered smart contract audit tool "Bunzz Audit". The company is starting to provide Free Audit Reports for the first 20 projects.

Overcoming Challenges in Smart Contract Audits: The Bunzz Solution

Many projects involving Web3 protocols and applications have suffered significant operational issues or have had their user assets illegally hacked and services halted due to vulnerabilities or logical inconsistencies in their smart contracts. To avoid these critical risks, "Smart Contract Audits" are performed. However, users of existing major audit firms have faced the following pain points:

  1. Extremely high costs for audits (ranging from $50K to $1M)
  2. Increasing projects launching without audits due to financial burdens, leading to frequent incidents of assets being stolen exploiting vulnerabilities
  3. Time-consuming audits causing delays in product development schedules
  4. Variability in report accuracy and high communication costs depending on the auditor

Bunzz, as a smart contract development infrastructure, has resolved these pains with the research and development of "Bunzz Audit", leading to the launch of its Openβ version.

Key Features of Bunzz Audit vs. Existing Audit Services:

  1. Significantly cheaper costs compared to audit firms
  2. Capability to audit at any phase of product development (including continuous contract audits post-launch)
  3. Adoption of SaaS model, enabling easy access to audit reports with a user-friendly UX

Users are welcome to try a Bunzz Audit for Free.

Bunzz Audit fundamentally resolves the challenges in the audit industry

Audit firms typically detect vulnerabilities by comparing past known vulnerability patterns with the client's contract and look for vulnerabilities and operational contradictions arising from project-specific logic. The detection of the former is usually done manually by auditors, contributing to high costs and report quality variability. Bunzz Audit smartly addresses these issues by integrating a database of known vulnerability patterns and the results of existing contract analysis tools using fine-tuned AI (manual audits are planned for project-specific vulnerabilities).

  1. More accurate vulnerability detection than human visual checks
  2. Maintaining consistent quality in audit reports
  3. Minimizing communication costs with auditors
  4. Significantly reducing lead time for audit report completion

Bunzz Audit Offers Free Audits to the First 20 Projects

To celebrate the release of the Openβ version, Bunzz Audit will conduct audits and provide reports 'free of charge' for the first 20 projects. Given that normal audit costs range from $50K to $1M, this offers a significant advantage to users who seize this opportunity

Users can request a free smart contract audit from Bunzz Audit here:

(Note: For lengthy or complex contracts, a separate estimate may be required)

About Bunzz

Bunzz is a DApp Development platform that provides blockchain developers with easier tools to save development time through a GUI and the advanced blockchain developers and an open source Smart Contract Hub to allow smart contracts combinations and build complex DApps.

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