Boundless data with boundless possibilities: Swarm partners with MiPasa

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Boundless data with boundless possibilities: Swarm partners with MiPasa

Free access to data and the ability to convert it into beneficial insights for further societal advancement form the bedrock of a flourishing community. Recognising this, Swarm Foundation has forged a partnership with Unbounded Network Foundation and MiPasa to streamline the flow of information, making data more readily accessible and easy to mould.

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As part of this partnership, MiPasa and Unbounded Network will take up several grants provided by the Foundation. These grants include creating Unbounded Network Connectors to Swarm that will allow the smooth and seamless integration of Swarm’s decentralised storage, producing a proof-of-concept, a testing environment, and a production environment with MiPasa.

Together, we are making data collaborative and resilient

Our collaborative venture with Unbounded Network and MiPasa is designed to make a variety of high-quality datasets accessible on a global scale. Professionals will have the opportunity to refine these datasets and leave them for others to further enhance. By storing these datasets on the Swarm network, they will become much more resilient against loss or inaccessibility, mitigating the risks of network blackouts or censorship.

We believe that there are boundless possibilities and potential in allowing people to easily store and access data, open it to the world, and in addition to sharing the code/models and the results of the models – share these using Swarm. This way others can collaboratively utilise the work that has already been done, calculations that have already been performed, and add value by testing, reusing and/or verifying. Combining computation, analytics with decentalised storage and global access is a key milestone that both projects needed to create a global, collaborative and borderless data and analytics ecosystem together,” stresses Jonathan Levi from MiPasa.

About Unbounded Network

Unbounded Network is a high-performing overlay network connecting people, apps and ecosystems across blockchain networks. As such, having an Unbounded Connector for Swarm allows a seamless integration of storing, reading and verifying data across multiple Unbounded Apps, and in particular in MiPasa.

About MiPasa

MiPasa is an innovative data-modelling and analytics platform that is a valuable tool for data scientists, researchers and collaborative teams. It enables the creation, collaboration and publication of verifiable, data-driven models, reports and insights. Its integration with Swarm will empower researchers and analysts to extract verified models and data directly from Swarm, process and enrich it, and store them back to Swarm, all from the comfort of their browsers.


This partnership fortifies the Swarm network’s commitment to making data accessible for all, fostering a culture of free information flow. It will enhance the quality of datasets available for professionals, fuelling the knowledge generation process and, hopefully, contributing towards a better world for everyone.

Join us and let’s give back power, accessible data, and control over the data to the people!