BNB Chain Provides Definitive 2024 Guide with “BNB Chain & the Web3 Blueprint” Brand Story

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BNB Chain Provides Definitive 2024 Guide with “BNB Chain & the Web3 Blueprint” Brand Story

Dubai, UAE, February 21st, 2024, Chainwire

BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem that includes the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, today released its “BNB Chain & the Web3 Blueprint” 2024 brand story. Unraveling its ecosystem, product advantages, and the impact across its three community-led blockchains, the report analyzes the dynamic advancements, visionary use cases, and the strategic roadmap that positions BNB Chain at the forefront of the emerging Web3 era.

The brand story chronicles BSC’s inception in September 2020 and journey to becoming one of the most popular Layer 1 (L1) ecosystems in the world averaging in excess of 1M DAU. It also dissects its additional two community-led blockchains; opBNB, which grew to become the most active L2 in 2023, and Greenfield, its decentralized storage network which plays a pivotal role in BNB Chain's multi-chain “One BNB” paradigm.

Providing an in-depth account of its past, present, and future, the report also details BNB Chain’s recent milestones. These include BSC recording throughput of 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) and processing 32 million transactions in a single day and opBNB achieved an all-time high 71 million transactions and throughput of 4,500 TPS in 2023. Notably, the ecosystem has drastically improved its security over the years, experiencing an 85% year-on-year reduction in total losses attributed to hacking and scams in 2023.

BNB Chain’s brand story also examines the ecosystem’s recently released 2024 Outlook, which centers around the "One BNB" interconnectivity paradigm and the introduction of opBNB Connect. “One BNB” integrates BSC, opBNB, and Greenfield into a cohesive ecosystem. opBNB Connect introduces a secure and scalable solution with decentralized sequencers, custom gas tokens for various L2s, and permissionless bridges for seamless connections to enable direct protocol composition across multiple L2s. The report additionally reveals that BSC saw a 21% increase in gas fees burned and a 35% year-over-year increase in daily transactions in 2023.

The BNB Chain Core Development Team said: “In 2024, BNB Chain will focus on key aspects such as TPS increases, EVM execution, and storage efficiency to solidify its position as the premier EVM platform. Initiatives include the BNB Chain Fusion, BSC staking, governance enhancements, and the introduction ofopBNB Connectto support the creation of unique ecosystems for developers and projects within gaming, DeSoc, and DePIN domains. Realizing the promise of Web3 is about empowering builders to the utmost - and this is a commitment we remain dedicated to.”

BNB Chain remains focused on fostering the Web3 economy, offering super-fast, cost-effective, scalable, and secure multi-chain strategies. The platform actively supports ecosystem projects and developers through initiatives such as hackathons, monetary incentives, the MVB program, the TVL and DAU Incentive Programs, and more.

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven blockchain ecosystem that seeks to remove barriers to Web3 adoption. Powered by BNB, it includes the world’s largest L1 blockchain, the EVM-compatible BNB Smart Chain, and fosters a multi-chain ecosystem with BNB Greenfield and the L2 with the largest Daily Active Users, opBNB. Offering ultra-low gas fees and superior TPS, the BNB Chain ecosystem hosts thousands of dApps across DeFi, metaverse, gaming, SocialFi, NFTs and infrastructure, each of which add value to its ecosystem.

BNB Chain fosters impactful Web3 innovation with its BNB Chain Builder Support Program. This includes the MVB accelerator program, run in partnership with Binance Labs and CMC Labs.

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