B2Core V4 Released - Smoother Interfaces & Improved Financial Management

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B2Core V4 Released - Smoother Interfaces & Improved Financial Management

Hong Kong, China, January 10th, 2024, Chainwire

B2Core, a leading Forex and crypto CRM and back-office solution, has launched a new update that takes its product software and structure to the next level. B2Core V4 is here with improved front-end and back-end builds and easier wallet and account management tools.

The new update focuses on aesthetically pleasing designs that incorporate functionality and the latest industrial trends across various sections.

User Dashboard

The dashboard is the CRM’s forefront, where users manage their transactions and financial operations. The new update adds a new bar on the left side of the page, which can be used to customise the interface. Users can adjust the dashboard, change layouts, and add widgets.

Thus, users can opt-in to trading sessions powered with flexibility and personalisation.


Front-end Structure

The improved front end includes creating a new component library that accelerates the developing process and makes it easier to integrate new changes. Component-based architecture is a modern way to structure the website’s front end to make it more seamless and offer an easy-to-use experience.


Wallet & Account Sections

The revamped wallet tab comes with a new right bar, giving users quicker access to functions and activities triggered by a single click.

Now, more options are available in the Transaction Operations Module, such as depositing, withdrawing, transferring and exchanging, allowing users to do more with less.

Traders can view the transaction log, categorise their financial activities and filter their operations to track their trades easily.


Integration Capabilities

An upcoming B2Trader Brokerage Platform will also be integrated with the new B2Core V4 for a more advanced and seamless trading experience.

B2Core is also integrated with B2BinPay, a leading crypto payment solution to improve payments and transaction processing.

These exclusive offerings enjoy deep market liquidity provided by B2Broker across +800 financial instruments with the best trading conditions and optimised risk management.

Thus, the new update follows an “all in one” approach, allowing users to benefit from a wide range of trading and financial services in one platform.


User Profile Page

More changes have been introduced to the profile section, with a simple verification procedure that focuses on security and transparency. Traders can save their withdrawal activities and navigate previous transactions easily.

Additionally, major security improvements have been made to the sign-up process to make onboarding easier and safer, besides enhancing the log-in steps for a smoother experience and webpage flow.


Other Areas of Improvement

The new B2Core v4 release includes some minor modifications and enhancements as well, contributing to the overall user experience, including the following areas.

  • Improving customer support flow with a better chat experience and support ticket handling, besides schedule visualisation that promotes transparency.
  • New Introducing Broker dashboard with options and tools to navigate through reports, promotions, banners, etc.
  • Easier mobile-desktop transitions thanks to the newly introduced scannable QR code on the mobile all.
  • Introducing a new bonuses page to manage the bonus programs and subscriptions with more categorisation options.

Final Notes

The new update is a continuation of ongoing works and upgrades to the services, especially after the critical integration of cTrader into the iOS mobile app.

B2Core keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation and functionality by adopting the most recent industrial trends and responding to customer needs. Therefore, more plans are expected for new updates that take into account the changing market dynamics.