Artfi Attracts 25,000 Plus Enthusiasts to the World of Fractionalized Art Ownership

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Artfi Attracts 25,000 Plus Enthusiasts to the World of Fractionalized Art Ownership

Dubai, UAE, October 11th, 2023, Chainwire

Art technology company Artfi has opened its Genesis Pass whitelist to the public ahead of its official launch. Ten thousand holders of the Genesis Pass NFT will be eligible to acquire fractionalized art released through the Artfi platform, starting with Sacha Jafri’s iconic ‘The Six Elements’ collection.

More than 25,000 people have already signed up for the whitelist for the first Artfi release. Sacha Jafri’s debut fractionalized digital art collection will showcase Artfi’s ability to bring tokenized art to the mass market. Through splitting an artwork into fractions, it’s possible to increase ownership and liquidity, placing collectible art within reach of all collectors.

‘The Six Elements’ by Sacha Jafri is derived from a commission by Rolls Royce, who invited the acclaimed artist to create artwork for six Phantom Rolls Royce cars. From this project, Jafri derived six paintings connected to the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Wind, with Humanity forming the sixth element.

‘The Six Elements’ collection has been divided into 10,000 fractions, which will be distributed to Genesis Pass holders. Holders will also be eligible for a free token airdrop and the ability to participate in future fractionalized art sales hosted on the Artfi platform.

Jafri selected Artfi to launch his first fractionalized collection after being intrigued by the company’s mission to democratize art. He believes that making the collection available through Artfi will allow as many people as possible to appreciate and own a piece of his art.

Jafri said: “‘The Six Elements’ is my first fractionalized collection. It’s a really cool opportunity to be part of the elements that make up our world and all humanity. Artfi doing this, through the democratization of art, opens up the opportunity for those who otherwise wouldn’t have had one. There’s a real chance that one creation, one moment, one part of my soul can now be owned by thousands of people. That’s a beautiful thing.”

Jafri holds the distinction of the third highest price ever paid for a work of art by a living artist. The renowned artist’s ‘Journey of Humanity’ canvas piece previously fetched $62M in 2021 and holds the record for the world’s largest canvas, created over a time span of seven months.

The Artfi Genesis Pass whitelist is open for registration now at

Genesis Passes will go on public sale in October 2023.

More info on ‘The Six Elements’ paintings can be found here:

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