Ancient8 Chain is Live on Mainnet

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Ancient8 Chain is Live on Mainnet

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, February 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

Ancient8 is thrilled to announce the launch of the Ancient8 Mainnet, a major leap forward in its mission to support a million builders and inspire a global community of 100 million gamers. Ancient8 Chain, integrating the robust OP Stack with Celestia underneath, stands as the Ethereum Layer 2 for gaming, strategically addressing scalability and adoption challenges in fully on-chain games and consumer DApps. This integration marks a pivotal advancement in their mission.

Following the successful launches of Testnet V1 and V2, Ancient8 has fine-tuned the network to foster an environment where game developers and players can thrive. The company proudly presents the Ancient8 Mainnet, designed to empower game developers and gamers to seamlessly create and experience the most innovative games on the Ancient8 Chain. This development is an embodiment of Ancient8's dedication to driving innovation and collaboration in the dynamic world of Web3 gaming.

From Successful Testnet to Robust Mainnet

Ancient8's vision for an Ethereum Layer 2 has been nurtured since the middle of 2022, it was not until September 2023 did the journey began with the launch of Ancient8 Testnet V1. This pivotal moment marked the initiation of Ancient8's mission to empower game developers, enabling them to create cost-effective and innovative on-chain gaming experiences. In response to valuable community feedback, Ancient8 undertook further refinement, tailoring, and fortifying the Ancient8 Chain with the integration of Celestia in Testnet V2.

Throughout the testnet phases, Ancient8 achieved significant milestones thanks to the invaluable support of the developer communities. This collaborative effort allowed Ancient8 to approach the Mainnet release with necessary improvements, addressing game development needs, including:

  • Onboarding essential games and resolving infrastructure puzzles
  • Establishing a diverse and unique on-chain game list
  • Fostering education and community collaboration through modular blockchain concepts

Moving forward, Testnet V2 will remain operational as a robust testing ground for games and DApps, ensuring the continuous development of the Ancient8 Ecosystem.

Ancient8 Ecosystem

To onboard Web2 users and shape the Web3 gaming landscape to transcend traditional boundaries, Ancient8 is dedicated to establishing crucial prerequisites that facilitate first-class and innovative on-chain games on the Ancient8 Chain. Therefore, Ancient8's team takes tremendous pride in witnessing the rapid growth of the Ancient8 Ecosystem.


Ancient8 Foundation empowers developers and gamers to take ownership of player-owned economies, NFTs, and digital assets. Through the Ancient8 Chain, the Foundation aim to establish a platform for value accumulation and equitable distribution among stakeholders.

In order to achieve this ideal utopia, the team is committed to standing up to the vision of standardizing the under-layer infrastructure, further enhancing interoperability and providing builders with seamless access to innovative gaming SDKs and technology. With the launch of the Mainnet, Ancient8 is excited to further advance towards these objectives with creative community initiatives, both vertically and horizontally.

Games Built on Ancient8 Chain


Ancient8 Chain is the bedrock of Web3 gaming development, designed to empower, support, and elevate games to new heights. Moreover, with the commitment to on-chain innovation, game developers and game studios will be provided with strategic support, resources and avenues for product distribution and community traction.

Games on Ancient8 Chain not only thrive but emerge stronger, leveraging their rich ecosystem. The Ancient8 Foundation is excited to partner with games ready to redefine on-chain gaming experiences, including:

  • Onchain Clash: A fully on-chain game, seamlessly blending territorial claims and expansion dynamics inspired by Pixel War, Go Game, and Paperio.
  • Omnizone: Omnizone is one of the first fully on-chain games that combines tactical role-playing elements with a high-stakes battle royale format, running on omnichain.
  • MasterDuel: An online gaming platform that aims to create a gaming environment where players can connect, duel and earnreal rewards while playing.
  • Wee Pepe: A fully on-chain game featuring Pepe The Frog, where players must save the endangered planet Pepe by building a city on the moon.
  • DeWorld: The world's first fully on-chain game to enable players to cultivate & enhance their own farms using NFTs.

The Future of Ancient8 Chain

Following successful Testnet phases, Ancient8 Chain will step into the future with the launch of the Ancient8 Mainnet. This release introduces a range of pioneering values:

  • Empowerment of autonomous worlds
  • Modular design
  • Scalability and throughput advantages
  • EVM compatibility
  • Security and trust
  • Interoperability and collaboration

Looking ahead, Ancient8 aims to strengthen network decentralization and build a robust gaming community. With that goal in mind, the organization envisions a continuously evolving Web3 gaming forefront, where decentralized technology and community collaboration coexist in harmony.

Equally important, Ancient8 values early adopters who have made substantial contributions to the Ancient8 ecosystem. Therefore, the Foundation is pleased to introduce the Ancient8 Mainnet campaign, where ecosystem participants have the opportunity to be the first to experience exciting upcoming roadmaps, earn exclusive badges of honor upon mission completion, and symbolize their contribution to the success of the Ancient8 Chain.

Users can access the Ancient8 Mainnet campaign here.


About Ancient8

Ancient8 is developing an Ethereum gaming Layer 2 solution built with OP Stack, offering a comprehensive suite of Web3 gaming infrastructure tools. With Space3 Game Publishing Platform, Ancient8 Gaming Guild, Reneverse Web3 Ads engine, A8ID, and Gosu Network, Ancient8 is dedicated to onboard millions of gamers to Web3 gaming, while providing unparalleled support to game developers looking to reach more players. Ancient8 products have helped 100+ Web3 games and 200K+ users better navigate Web3.

Ancient8 has raised $10M in total financing from leading investors including Pantera, Dragonfly, Hashed, Makers Fund, C² Ventures, Mechanism, Coinbase, IOSG, Jump, Animoca.

Users can join Ancient8 in shaping the future of decentralized applications with Ancient8 Chain.

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