AllianceBlock Rebrands As Nexera Foundation, Launches Nexera Finance To Shape The Future Of Tokenization

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AllianceBlock Rebrands As Nexera Foundation, Launches Nexera Finance To Shape The Future Of Tokenization

Utrecht, Netherlands, February 19th, 2024, Chainwire

AllianceBlock, the infrastructure platform for decentralized tokenized finance, is transitioning to a new identity, rebranding as Nexera Foundation. On the other hand, Nexera Finance will pioneer the coming tokenization era and have a heightened focus on business-to-business use cases.

Nexera Finance is on a mission to establish itself as a leading force in compliant tokenized finance, catering to the needs of institutions and businesses. It has built a comprehensive suite of tools and services to enable the compliant issuance, management and trading of digital, financial and tokenized real-world assets for organizations across every industry.

In a world where the absolute global wealth is estimated at more than $516 trillion, around 10% is expected to become tokenized by 2030. Nexera is positioned to become a pivotal player and a key partner for businesses looking to embrace this new era. As a visionary gateway to the future of finance, it combines a single, standardized infrastructure for all asset classes with a flexible approach to help organizations master the complexities of tokenization and scale and adapt to the fluid regulatory landscape.

Meanwhile, Nexera Foundation will dedicate its efforts to growing its wider ecosystem. Its goals are to expand participation in the Nexera DAO and enhance the utility of the native NXRA token. At the same time, Nexera Foundation is committed to promoting community growth and driving innovation in the digital asset space. It has identified building a more inclusive and dynamic financial future as an integral part of that mission.

Embracing The Era Of Tokenization

The future of finance will be tokenized. Tokenization is a dynamic new way to represent real-world assets on-chain. Nexera Finance’s infrastructure allows this in a compliant way that promises to improve business processes and democratize access to financial markets. Nexera’s transparent approach to tokenization will eliminate the need for intermediaries, enabling direct access to global liquidity pools and creating new investment opportunities for institutions and individual investors. The technology will also improve access to non-bankable and illiquid assets such as luxury art and real estate while providing new opportunities for agri-financing, reimagining how farmers engage with the market and exercise their sovereignty. With tokenization, markets will become fairer, more transparent and connected, advancing inclusivity for every stakeholder.

AllianceBlock’s transition to Nexera Foundation is the culmination of five years of relentless, nonstop development that saw it lay the foundations for the era of tokenized finance. The Nexera Foundation will focus on growing an ecosystem of solutions that builders can utilize, one of which is NexeraID, a self-sovereign identity solution launched in December 2022 that authenticates and onboards end-users compliantly and manages financial crime risk by setting flexible business rules in a simplified all-in-one intelligence platform.

Along with its focus on building the underlying technology for tokenization, AllianceBlock has forged a string of partnerships with key players in both the traditional financial world and Web3. In March 2023, AllianceBlock announced its collaboration with the digital investment firm ABO Digital to offer tokenized structured products for institutions and crypto projects and institutions seeking alternative forms of financing. That same month, AllianceBlock partnered with Crunchbase to bring the world’s most comprehensive investment and funding dataset to their collaborative data-sharing network, Nuklai. Pushing the boundaries of innovation further, AllianceBlock partnered with Artbanx to build the Arkefi platform, which brings art-backed financing to Web3, allowing art collectors to obtain loans by using physical works of art as collateral, in a powerful demonstration of tokenization’s unique benefits.

Backed by an extensive network of collaborators and builders, Nexera Finance is building a flexible infrastructure of interoperable modules that will pave the way for a tokenized financial future with full regulatory compliance, interoperability across blockchains, and dynamic liquidity that flows into every market.

About Nexera Foundation

Nexera Foundation is empowering the future of finance with cutting-edge open source innovation. The open-source infrastructure seamlessly incorporates blockchain technology, facilitating both on-chain and off-chain operations for simplified digital, financial, and real-world asset management.

The Nexera Foundation is focused on nurturing the wider ecosystem, DAO, and enhancing the utility of the NXRA token. They are committed to promoting community growth and driving innovation in the digital asset space. This will include the growth and development of their current and future key ecosystem partners.

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About Nexera Finance

Nexera Finance is an infrastructure provider for compliant tokenized finance. They empower institutions and businesses to compliantly issue, manage and trade digital, financial and tokenized real-world assets (RWAs).

The Nexera ecosystem of partners, clients, and ventures consists of top stakeholders from the financial industry, as well as the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Their unique product suite complies with global regulations and seamlessly integrates with legacy systems.

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