AIO Exchange Unveiling: A Revolutionary Step in Crypto Trading with Extensive Coin Access and Competitive Pricing

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AIO Exchange Unveiling: A Revolutionary Step in Crypto Trading with Extensive Coin Access and Competitive Pricing

AIO, Exchange, January 16th, 2024, Chainwire

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, traders and investors are constantly seeking platforms that not only offer a wide array of cryptos but also ensure the best possible prices.

In a recent study conducted by AIO Exchange, the team has brought attention to significant disparities in token prices across major cryptocurrency exchanges, revealing compelling results. During a brief timeframe on a trading day characterized by low volatility, the order books unveiled that numerous mid-tier cryptocurrencies exhibited price variances exceeding 15 percent for orders as modest as 100 USD.

Notably, CELO, boasting a market capitalization of $280 million, demonstrated a noteworthy 15.47 percent price differential across exchanges. Similarly, ACA, valued at $49 million, exhibited an 18.9 percent disparity between two prominent exchanges, namely and Kucoin. These findings underscore the inherent volatility and unpredictability prevalent in cryptocurrency markets.

This is where AIO Exchange comes in by consolidating liquidity from different exchanges, allowing users to deposit, trade and withdraw via the best exchange all in one click.

the exchange is connected to more than 16 centralized and decentralized exchanges, giving the users access to more than 5,000 audited cryptocurrencies all in one app.

At the center of it all, the exchange offers an innovative real-time system that analyzes the best deposit and withdrawal blockchains, aggregates order data from both centralized and decentralized exchanges and applies related fees to identify the most appropriate transaction path. All this is done in less than two seconds and allows users to benefit from swift transactions and convenient trades.

It also introduces the groundbreaking function which simplifies the cryptocurrency trading process. Instant orders allow users to perform transactions on many exchanges without any delay due to blockchain confirmation or withdrawal time. AIO Exchange guarantees against price slippage and posts required collateral at the onset, leading to a smoother trading process.

The hidden gem started developing in 2021; the first launch was limited and directed towards a small group of users in April 2023. The new product, AIO Exchange, did a soft launch in August 2023, which was one month before it accepted all its users. AIO Exchange established a branch in the Czech Republic in October 2023 and became an authorized exchange and custodian for their operations within the European Union.

The team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience, providing an extensive array of features that cater to all types of traders. From diverse markets to transparent data and fast transactions, we aggregate everything – from news sources and charting data to fiat onramps.

The exchange provides two different types of order execution to suit various trading styles. The “Best Execution Orders” tool on the platform updates users on cost breakdowns in real-time as well as deposit/withdrawal insights and the total order time in seconds. On the other hand, Instant Settlement enables direct swaps at the best exchange without any transaction times, even on decentralized exchanges (which you must usually wait for).

AIO Exchange is here for you whether you are a novice trader looking for information or an experienced trader wanting to achieve optimum profit.

One of the flagship features is its low latency market and order form data. They can provide traders with a constant view of the best bid and ask prices from over 16 exchange sources in near real-time. This helps users make faster trading decisions.

For cryptocurrency traders concerned about transaction costs, provides a useful quotes feature. Users can enter a deposit and withdrawal amount in any supported cryptocurrency to receive an estimated cost breakdown.

The exchange algorithms take into account factors like network fees and average processing times at the deposit /withdrawal chains. This gives traders a comprehensive view of what to expect for each transaction in terms of total fees.

Specifically, the quote will show:

  • Deposit chain fees
  • Withdrawal chain fees
  • Estimated settlement/total order time
  • Total fees (deposit + withdrawal + AIO Exchange fees)

The exchange also has a built-in news and sentiment tracking section. It pulls articles and data from over 50 sources including CoinMarketCap and CryptoNews. Sentiments are categorized as positive, negative or neutral to help traders gauge market reactions.

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AIO exchange is one of the best crypto trading platforms combining liquidity of more than 19 top-ranked exchanges into a single user interface. AIO Exchange is changing the world of crypto trading through real-time data, fast transactions, and access to more than 5,000+ cryptos and over 16,000+ market pairs.

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