ABOND Token Launch: A New Chapter for DeFi

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ABOND Token Launch: A New Chapter for DeFi

Great Cayman, Cayman Islands, December 13th, 2023, Chainwire

The launch of ABOND marks a significant milestone for ApeBond, especially following its transformation from ApeSwap. This strategic pivot from primarily being a DEX to focusing on bonding mechanisms aligns with our vision for a sustainable DeFi future. ApeBond has been working on Bonds since early 2022, and aims to become the #1 bonding protocol in DeFi ever. As a testament to this, ApeBond’s team was responsible for the officially approved Ethereum Improvement Proposal ERC-5725: Transferable Vesting NFT​​. Furthermore, the rebranding to ApeBond reflects a sophisticated evolution, maintaining the core ethos of the team while optimizing for greater efficiency and growth​​.

Top Five Benefits of ABOND

1. Enhanced Engagement with Bond Discounts: Converting ABOND into veABOND unlocks a range of opportunities and features within the platform. This transformation grants veABOND holders a meaningful role in shaping ABOND's direction and decision-making, both through on-chain and traditional governance mechanisms. The longer the commitment to ABOND, the greater the influence in governance decisions. In addition, holding veABOND grants exclusive access to select Ecosystem Bonds, offering a unique aspect to the ABOND experience.

2. Unique Real Yield Approach: Beyond the bond discounts, each Ecosystem Bond contributes its revenue to veABOND holders through a distinctive Real Yield model. The Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) derived from these Bonds is further optimized via Active Liquidity Management (ALM). All fees generated within this framework are allocated to veABOND holders. This approach underlines the platform's commitment to encouraging growth and acknowledging the active participation of veABOND holders in the ecosystem.

3. Team & Strategic Partnerships: ApeBond has an experienced team with almost 3 years of working together in DeFi, and has formed deep relationships with incredible partners over the years. For ABOND’s launch, ApeBond has partnered with notable platforms such as Thena, QuickSwap, Ichi, and Ethos, bolstering its liquidity and staking opportunities. These partnerships are pivotal in expanding ABOND's reach and strengthening its position in the market.

4. Earning Opportunities: Diverse Staking Options: Engage with ABOND through various staking opportunities available on the platform. The first six months feature a special initiative with a significant allocation of ABOND for participants. For detailed information about the staking vaults and farms, along with insights into our collaborations with various partners, users can visit Earn page.

5. Community-Driven Token Migration: The community has supported our protocol for a long time, and its strong support is evident in the fact that the most popular choice for the BANANA to ABOND migration vesting plan was 360 days. This migration demonstrated the trust in the community to the team, and led to revamped tokenomics, a reduced circulating supply, and an increased fully diluted valuation, priming ABOND for significant growth​​.

To finalize, the ABOND token is a symbol of evolution and unlocks exclusive utilities on the ApeBond platform. The integration of ABOND entwines token holders with the platform like never before​​.

As ApeBond begins the distribution of ABOND, it marks the advent of a new era in DeFi, emphasizing sustainability and departing from older, less sustainable practices that have adversely impacted the industry. ApeBond extends sincere gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey. With the introduction of ABOND, ApeBond is embarking on an exciting and transformative path, signaling the commencement of a significant new chapter in its evolution.

Embracing the ABOND Evolution in DeFi


ApeBond is at the forefront of a new chapter in decentralized finance with ABOND, and the journey is just beginning. Interested individuals and entities are welcome to explore this innovative venture. For comprehensive details, users can visit the ApeBond website, and engage with the ApeBond community by joining the Jungle, and initiate their experience with ABOND. $ABOND is accessible through MEXC and the ApeBond DEX, supported by various liquidity sources including:

  • UniSwap (on the Ethereum network)
  • Thena (on the BNB Chain)
  • QuickSwap (on the Polygon network)

ApeBond is committed to shaping the future of decentralized finance, one bond at a time. Users are invited to be a part of this transformative movement.

About ApeBond

ApeBond is a decentralized finance platform offering a full suite of tools to explore and engage with the future of wealth building. With products ranging from a decentralized exchange, a bonding protocol, and the new Liquidity Health Dashboard, ApeBond empowers users to access DeFi in a secure, transparent, and globally accessible way.


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