0G Launches Newton Testnet of Ultra-Scalable Modular AI Blockchain

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0G Launches Newton Testnet of Ultra-Scalable Modular AI Blockchain

San Francisco, USA, April 9th, 2024, Chainwire

0G Labs is pleased to unveil the launch of the testnet for 0G, the modular ultra-high data throughput blockchain optimized for on-chain AI. The network is now available for node operators, developers and the community to join and provide feedback for an upcoming mainnet launch in Q3 2024.

0G, or ZeroGravity, is a modular blockchain that aims to alleviate the major pain points of using blockchain for AI, where data and execution requirements outweigh the current market offering by several orders of magnitude. The modular architecture enables 0G to offer a lean and performant network, unencumbered by legacy consensus algorithms, unrelated use cases sharing the same block space, as well as on-demand scaling.

Demand for on-chain AI is growing due to its promise of offering reliable and credibly neutral training and execution of neural networks. According to a report by KPMG, the vast majority of global corporate executives see AI as one of the fundamental technology breakthroughs that will impact their business in the near future. However, adoption risks abound — including potential intellectual property issues, personal data sharing, lack of regulatory frameworks and biases in generative AI models.

Via immutable and verifiable storage and execution environments, blockchains offer a promising solution to address the many challenges of AI. By making AI workflow decentralized, it democratizes the technology and makes it accessible to more people and organizations. By distributing data across multiple nodes rather than centralizing it in a single location, decentralized AI can help protect sensitive information from hacks and breaches. It also enables fair distribution of rewards to the contributors in the entire workflow, e.g., to data, model, and computation power providers, respectively. The distributed ledger and cryptographic technologies can further give more transparent ways to track the AI generated data to help people distinguish between the authentic original data and deepfakes. In addition, blockchains can help achieve a balanced approach to manual interventions in the models’ results, which sometimes can miss the mark.

Existing infrastructure solutions are still insufficient for massive on-chain AI adoption, which is why 0G is building the next-generation blockchain infrastructure for AI. With benchmarks of over 50 Gpbs data throughput, compared to existing rates of 1.5 Mbps on Ethereum-based scaling solutions, 0G offers an incredible improvement in its baseline form, while the modular architecture promises potentially infinite scalability down the line.

“The public launch of our testnet marks the first stage of bringing AI on-chain, which will combine two of the most exciting technologies that emerged in the past decade,” said Michael Heinrich, CEO of 0G Labs. “Our team has worked diligently over the past months to deliver our vision of the ultra-scalable modular blockchain, and we’re really excited to see the feedback from the community of users and developers.”

The 0G testnet launch comes shortly after 0G Labs closed its $35M pre-seed round, which was originally intended to collect $5M to bring an MVP of the idea to market. The round, led by Hack VC, saw participation from many influential investors primarily in the Web3 space, including Bankless, Polygon, Delphi Digital, TRGC, Dao5, Symbolic, BlockChain Builders Fund, Dispersion, Daedalus, Gumi Cryptos and many more venture funds and angel investors.

About 0G

0G, or ZeroGravity, is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider that is building the leading modular AI blockchain creating solutions to implement on-chain AI applications in the Web3 ecosystem. The platform achieves high data availability through its unique architecture separating data storage and data publishing. By ensuring throughputs of 50 GB/second, a full 50,000x faster than competitors, and a cost that is 100x lower, 0G has positioned itself as a leader in bringing high data use cases, such as scalable L2s and modular AI, into the Web3 ecosystem.


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