Alex Pertsev Remains Jailed

Tornado Cash Developer Remains Jailed

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The story of developer Alexey Pertsev’s arrest for his involvement in Tornado Cash is a story we and much of the crypto world has been following intently. According to Dutch authorities, Alexey Pertsev is “suspected of involvement in concealing criminal financial flows and facilitating money laundering through Tornado cash. Those who defend Pertsev, namely those who believe in the right to privacy in crypto, say Pertsev merely contributed open source code that was abused for money laundering and that he isn’t personally responsible for said money laundering.

There is so much to talk about this case and its wider implications—and we can’t just fit it all into a Defiant Daily video. However, we have been working on a long form investigative report on the matter that we will publish as soon as possible— AND we just attended the first public trial on the Alexey Pertsev case, which means we have some immediate information we can share with you.