Unstoppable Domains Launches Marketplace Supporting ‘.com’ Tokenization

Users can tokenize and trade ‘.com’ domains via Unstoppable Marketplace.

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Unstoppable Domains Launches Marketplace Supporting ‘.com’ Tokenization

Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains has launched a new marketplace allowing users to trade tokenized ".com" domains.

Unstoppable Marketplace went live on June 26, allowing users to tokenize and trade ".com" domain names alongside other web3 domains.

“The need for a seamless and user-friendly platform to trade on-chain domain names has never been greater,” Unstoppable Domains said. “These domains can also be connected to social profiles, digital assets, and business operations, creating a unified and robust online presence.”

The platform supports payments via crypto assets, credit cards, and Apple Pay and Google Pay on mobile devices. Non-crypto payments are frictionless for purchases worth less than $10,000.

Unstoppable Domains launched in 2018, allowing users to mint web3 domains-native domains such as “.eth,” “.bitcoin,” and “.crypto.”

These domains can be linked to web3 wallets — replacing cumbersome alphanumeric crypto wallet addresses with easily readable, human-friendly names. The domains also allow users to consolidate their digital identity across web2 and web3 platforms.

“This includes sending and receiving cryptocurrency via a domain, linking it to a decentralized website, or using it as a unique identifier,” Unstoppable Domains said.

Unstoppable plots ICANN support for web3 domains

On June 6, Unstoppable Domains partnered with to create web browser and email-compatible Web3 domains using the “.blockchain” suffix.

The companies also announced plans to submit an application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for its new generic top-level domain (gTLD) registration round.

If approved, internet browsers will be able to visit “.blockchain” domains using traditional web browsers.

ICANN is currently preparing to implement new gTLDs by the second quarter of 2026, giving Unstoppable Domains and a year to prepare their application.

In February, Unstoppable also teamed up with Pudgy Penguins, the surging NFT collection. Unstoppable launched “.pudgy” domain names that Pudgy Penguins holders can associate with their NFTs as part of the deal.