RARI Chain Launches Mainnet

NFT-focused Layer 3 blockchain aims to empower creators with guaranteed royalties.

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A depiction of a blockchain in neon colors.

RARI Chain, an Arbitrum-based Layer 3 blockchain dedicated to NFTs, has completed its mainnet launch.

Developed by the RARI Foundation using Caldera, a rollup deployment platform, RARI Chain operates as an Arbitrum Orbit chain and provides customizable rules, independent governance mechanisms, and an environment tailored to the specific needs of NFTs – such as its embedding of creator royalties at the node level.

The project is commemorating the launch with a series of open editions from ten digital artists - Alien Queen, Amber Vittoria, Andre Oshea, Ed Balloon, Jimena Buena Vida, Lindsey Byrnes, Ottis Ots, Saideart, Techkeyz, and Trizzy Trunk.

"RARI Chain makes it impossible to circumvent the value of royalties. By deploying marketplaces on RARI Chain, creators can be confident that their royalties are guaranteed," said Alex Salnikov, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Rarible.

Rarible plans to integrate RARI Chain into its marketplace, making it easy to bridge assets back and forth. The team also plans to introduce credit card payments.

RARI Chain will establish grants for developers to build applications on the network. A planned Creator Fund would allocate a portion of the chain's revenue to a dedicated treasury to reward artists, controlled by the RARI DAO.