NFT Game Launches Encrypted Messaging for Ethereum Wallets

An NFT sci-fir game has introduced encrypted messaging for Ethereum wallets.

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NFT Game Launches Encrypted Messaging for Ethereum Wallets

The team behind Parallel, an NFT-based sci-fi card game, launched an end-to-end encrypted messaging service for Ethereum wallets called inb0x on Dec. 7.

The beta version currently supports MetaMask hot wallets only. The developers plan for the protocol to eventually be compatible with any Ethereum wallet using its 0x or Ethereum Name Server (ENS) address.

In a Dec. 9 blog post, Parallel describes inb0x a “simple messaging tool built for web3” that allows users to “securely communicate to and from their Ethereum address.”

“Users can connect to inb0x with their MetaMask wallet […], chat with the person behind a certain wallet, make offers on NFTs, and more.”

Core Aspect

The team says an encrypted messenger service offers players of their game “talking strategy” as a core aspect of the experience.

“Iterating on a product that provides secure, encrypted messaging and doesn’t tie users to an email address or phone number is directly in line with the overarching experience we’re envisioning,” Parallel said.

Users must sign a transaction from Metamask and then encrypt a unique private key for inb0x. Parallel states that “the unencrypted private key is only ever stored in browser memory, inside of the encryption module,” while unencrypted public keys are stored in the team’s secure database.

When messages are sent using the protocol both the recipient and sender receive copies that can only be encrypted using their wallet, meaning no other parties can access the message.

The team stresses the importance of robust private key security practices, stating: “inb0x only uses officially supported methods in MetaMask. Your wallet keys are protected by MetaMask, always pay attention to what you’re signing/confirming.”