Nobody Is Buying Donald Trump's NFTs – So Melania Decided To Step Up

Various platforms show interest in Trump’s digital trading cards plummet, while the former first lady has launched a new necklace NFT.

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As Donald Trump faces New York City courts, NFT aficionados have lost interest in his most recent foray. His wife Melania, the former first lady, was not deterred and launched her own collection.

Trading activity for Trump’s digital trading cards is drying up across all platforms. According to OpenSea, the last sale took place 22 days ago, on March 1, when two cards were sold for 0.0652 ETH each, or roughly $217.

Trump Card Sales chart
Trump Card Sales

There were $60,217 in sales in the past 30 days, according to CryptoSlam, a 79% drop from $300,000 in the previous 30 days.

Sales transactions, according to CryptoSlam, have also been cut in half, with 245 purchases in the past month. DappRadar confirms the numbers, with volume plunging 97% in 30 days.

These numbers seem to be aligned with Trump’s trial currently underway.

Melania To The Rescue

But the declining sales numbers haven’t turned the Trump family off NFTs. Melania Trump released a $245 Mother’s Day necklace which comes accompanied by an NFT. Purchasing the necklace, which can be done through the Phantom browser wallet, comes with a complimentary Solana-based NFT.

This isn’t the first time the former first lady has launched an NFT collection on Solana.

In late Dec. 2021, she created “Melania’s Vision,” an illustration that her office had no trouble calling “a breathtaking watercolor art by Marc-Antoine Coulon, and embodies Mrs. Trump’s cobalt blue eyes, providing the collector with an amulet that inspires.”

Investors could purchase the artwork for 1 SOL, or $150 at the time.

Melania's Vision NFT
Melania's Vision

She later launched “Head of State,” which, in a bizarre turn of events, she allegedly had to buy back herself, paying $180,000. “Women's History Month Collection” had a floor price of $150, as did her latest “$MetaRose.”

Melania also launched the “1776 Collection” in July 2023, a 3,500-piece collection symbolizing several important American landmarks, each selling for $50 dollars apiece.

Trump Loves NFTs

Trump launched his first official collection, dubbed “Trump Cards,” in Dec. 2022. Priced at $99 apiece, the NFT collection of 45,000 trading cards of himself was minted on the Polygon blockchain and sold out in less than a day. These are the NFTs he is struggling to sell today.

One year later, in Dec. 2023, he created his second NFT collection, “Mugshots,” in a tip of the hat to a legal battle he was embroiled in. It came with a twist, however.

Collectors who purchased 47 of these trading cards – if elected next year, Trump will become the 47th president of the United States – will receive a physical edition of the card with a piece cut out of the suit he wore when the mugshot took place last year.

Mugshots have a floor price of $12,500 on Magic Eden but show no activity in the past 24 hours, likely due to the fact only two are listed for sale.