Scramble for Spots on Lucrative NFT Whitelists Sparks Grind-to-Earn Trend 

NFT investors are hiring help to land coveted places on whitelists.

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Scramble for Spots on Lucrative NFT Whitelists Sparks Grind-to-Earn Trend 

Getting on the whitelist for a hyped NFT drop can mean tens of thousands of dollars in profits.

But with new projects launching daily and whitelist requirements getting more arduous, some NFT collectors and flippers are looking to outsource the task.

A search for “NFT whitelist” on popular freelancing website UpWork shows over 1,000 job postings offering $3-$5 an hour. Here’s an example.

Whitelists are lists of blockchain addresses that are given early access to an NFT mint, sometimes at discounted prices.

Originally intended as a way to reward early community members and avoid gas wars, the influx of new entrants into the NFT space has led to fierce competition for these coveted slots.

On the flip side, NFT projects want to show that their Discords are vibrant and filled with active community members, which helps them to attract and retain new members. A popular method is to whitelist users based on their Discord rank, which increases with the number of messages posted.

Whitelisted Rank

With some NFT Discords now attracting tens of thousands of users at launch, achieving a whitelisted rank requires a serious time commitment. Bring multiple projects into the equation, and it becomes nearly impossible for even the most enthusiastic NFT collector to cover all the bases.

Is paying someone to chat on Discord really worth it? Prolific NFT collector Jebus seems to think so.