Bored Apes Dealt Marketing Jackpot by Bicycle Playing Cards

New Marketplace Airdrops 'Care Packages' to Collectors in Busy Week for NFTs

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Bored Apes Dealt Marketing Jackpot by Bicycle Playing Cards

If you’ve ever played a game of poker or Go Fish, chances are you were dealt Bicycle playing cards.

The century-old brand that’s a mainstay of Las Vegas casinos and used by professional magicians like David Copperfield is expanding its web3 presence with a new physical deck that will showcase the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT that the company purchased in June.

BAYC #1227

The NFT with a Joker card in its helmet was purchased for 103 ETH ($187,000 at the time) through MoonPay, a service that lets users purchase NFTs with credit cards and bank transfers.

“We see communities like the Bored Ape Yacht Club as the heart and soul of web3. Bicycle is all about playfully connecting, and web3 opens up new ways for us to interact and co-create with communities,” Tricia Bouras, CEO & President US Playing Card Company said in a release.

The physical deck featuring the Bored Ape will be released next year.

Bicycle previously released a collection of 8,008 NFTs in 2021 that entitled buyers to claim a limited-edition physical deck. That Genesis Collection has a floor price of $41 on Kolectiv, an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace.

Blur Goes Live and Announces Airdrop

Blur, an NFT marketplace and aggregator that raised over $14M from Paradigm and a slate of serious NFT collectors, launched to the public on Oct. 19 after being in private beta for the past few months.

The marketplace is airdropping ‘Care Packages’ to “everyone who’s stuck around in the bear market.”

Users who have traded NFTs on major marketplaces in the last six months can check their eligibility here.

These packages contain allocations of $BLUR tokens that will be claimable in January 2023. The project has also announced that a second airdrop will be forthcoming for users who actively use its platform in November.

State Of The Market

Secondary sales volumes fell for a second straight week with just $104M traded in the week ending October 17. This represents a decrease of 12% over the previous week.

The number of transactions dropped 23% to 345,890.

Source: Dune Analytics

Floor Prices

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club – Flat at 73 ETH
  • CryptoPunks – Flat at 66 ETH
  • Otherdeeds – Down 22% to 1.4 ETH
  • Azuki – Up 10% to 11 ETH
  • Moonbirds – Down 6% to 9.4 ETH
  • Doodles – Flat at 7.6 ETH.
  • Clone X – Flat at 8.6 ETH
  • Pudgy Penguins – Flat at 3 ETH