Upcoming Solana Airdrops In 2024 (You’re NOT Late)

With all the hype following the recent Jito Airdrop and Bonk Airdrop, many are wondering if they are too late to the party. Fret not. Solana Airdrops show no sign of slowing down, so starting with the Jupiter airdrop, today’s guide will ensure you know where to start your Airdrop farming journey.

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This guide was strictly for educational purposes only and doesn’t constitute any financial or legal advice, nor a recommendation to buy or sell any assets, or to make any financial decisions. Please always be careful and do your own research.

Welcome back to the defiant everyone! We’ve got an easy to digest airdrop starter guide today and it’s packed with actionable tips. With all the recent hype around the endless list of airdrop options and a new project announcing points almost weekly, it can be difficult to pick a starting point for your airdrop farming journey.

So today’s airdrop guide is really something anyone can use to get started because we’ve included a solid range of options. Some airdrops are purely DeFi-focused. Some are NFT and digital art focused, others have daily gamified challenges and one simply involves hardware. There’s really something for everyone here which is why you should stick around till the end to find out which airdrops you can get started with today!