Upcoming Crypto Trends in 2023

What's in store for 2023

By: Aleksandar Gilbert Loading...

You may have heard: 2022 was a dark year for crypto. So far, 2023 isn’t looking much better. Yeah, we’ve had a nice run to start the year, with bitcoin hitting $25,000 dollars a pop for the first time in months and Ether trading at more than $1,600 dollars. But U.S. regulators are cracking down on the industry, testing the very notion of crypto as a censorship-resistant way to transact and to store value.

But right around the corner, there’s a lot to be excited about: A pair of huge upgrades to Ethereum; New stablecoins from a pair of titans in decentralized finance; And the long-awaited debut of Ethereum-compatible Layer 2 blockchains running on zero-knowledge technology. So today, we’re going to talk about all the things you can look forward to in 2023.