HNT Rallies 50% After Helium Expands Mobile Service Nationwide

Helium leverages T-Mobile’s network to offer unlimited data, talk and text for $20 per month.

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HNT Rallies 50% After Helium Expands Mobile Service Nationwide

Helium Mobile, a crypto-based wireless cellular service provider, has expanded its unlimited plan, which offers data, text, and talk for $20 a month across the U.S.

Helium Mobile brings together the Helium Network, a peer-to-peer IoT network, and the nation’s largest 5G provider, T-Mobile, to offer its unlimited plan.

HNT, the governance token for Helium Network, is up 50% in the past 24 hours and has rallied 150% in the past 30 days.

HNT Price chart
HNT Price

Unlike many other wireless providers, users are not restricted to any particular device while using the service and can freely swap their mobile phones. Users can also terminate their contracts at any time. The company has also clarified that network speed will be throttled after 30GB of usage.

Residents of Miami will continue to pay $5 per month as the pilot launch region, which commenced on Aug.15.

Notably, users can earn MOBILE tokens if they provide coverage for the Helium Network by maintaining a hotspot. These tokens can be used to pay off their mobile bills.

“With Helium Mobile Hotspots, subscribers can own and set up ‘mini cell towers.’ Dead zones can become a thing of the past when anyone can become a builder and set up a hotspot to expand the network for themselves and the community,” the blog post reads.

Helium Network migrated to the Solana blockchain in April after a community vote. The rationale behind the move was to leverage Solana’s fast throughput, low transaction costs, and network efficiency.