What is zkVerify


zkVerify is a dedicated zero-knowledge proof verification network designed for settlement optimization.

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What is zkVerify

In recent years, web3 developers have embraced modular solutions to optimize the core functions of blockchain protocols — execution, consensus, data availability, and settlement— as individual functions. Modular architectures propose a more efficient alternative to monolithic chains, which combine these features into one protocol. zkVerify is uniquely architected as the first modular solution for the settlement layer that collapses security costs by decoupling proof verification from settlement on L1s.

Horizen Labs estimates over $47 million was spent on proof verification in 2023 for zkrollups on Ethereum alone, and industry studies anticipate zk proof generation will become a $10 billion market by the year 2030. zkVerify removes the cost and complexity of computationally intensive proof verification for developers building with zkrollups, proposing a critical unlock for the scalability and adoption of decentralized applications. At the outset, zkVerify can be used to verify proofs on Ethereum and Bitcoin with a 90%+ cost reduction, and will rapidly expand to support multiple blockchain architectures. As zkrollups continue to gain adoption as a critical scaling infrastructure, zkVerify is introducing a new standard of proof verification for zkrollups of any kind on any settlement layer.


Key Features of zkVerify

  • Fast Modularized Process: Allows blockchain networks to offload the computationally heavy and expensive process of proof verification, enabling them to focus on their primary functionalities and stay ahead of their competition. This modular approach not only streamlines operations but also significantly boosts overall network efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Proof Verification: Reduces the cost of proof verification by 90%+, a change that could have saved ZK Rollups over $42.8 million in 2023 alone.
  • Streamlined and Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing blockchain ecosystems and multiple SNARK proving schemes, minimizing technical overhead with a developer-friendly environment. zkVerify supports 4 verifiers currently: Risc0, Groth16, Fflonk, and zkSync Era.

How Does zkVerify Work?

The zkVerify network evolves how zk-rollups and appchains verify and validate their transactions. It does this by offering them a modular blockchain system designed to optimize the verification process and reduce associated costs. It basically offloads the most expensive step in zk-rollup solutions.

Why is this needed? In traditional blockchain systems, proof verifications are performed on the same blockchain where transactions are executed and settled. This leads to increased costs and higher transaction costs for end users of the chain because proof verifications take a long time and use up a lot of computational resources.

The root of the problem comes from taking a monolithic approach to blockchains where one single chain is supposed to take care of every relevant process. Blockchains need a better way to address network congestion and not task network validators with zk proofs on each transaction.

zkVerify addresses these challenges with its modular approach that enables the separation of the proof verification process from the execution and settlement layers. It can be regarded as a specialized blockchain layer dedicated to verifying transaction proofs, operating independently yet in parallel with any composable zk-rollups and appchain.

Now zk-rollups and appchains can handle increased volumes of transactions at reduced costs since the proof verification functions are outsourced to zkVerify. More importantly, zkVerify provides huge savings for end users of zk rollups and appchains.

Explore zkVerify!

zkVerify is currently live on testnet, we invite developers and builders to explore how zkVerify can enhance their network scalability!

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