Unleash the Power of Private DeFi


Users can earn extra rewards when providing liquidity on innovative Secret DeFi dApps, while being protected from front-running

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Unleash the Power of Private DeFi [Sponsored]

Secret Network is unleashing the power of private DeFi through their newly launched Secret Surge program!

For the next six months, up to $4 million in rewards are available for providing liquidity to one of four privacy-preserving decentralized exchanges, including ShadeSwap, Blizzard.Finance, SecretSwap, and SiennaSwap.

Secret Surge begins a DeFi revolution by incorporating one important factor—privacy. Secret Network allows you to experience the benefits of private decentralized finance. Secret’s private smart contracts allow you to transact with the peace of mind that your financial data is protected.

The Problem with Public DeFi

By analyzing public blockchain transaction data, malicious actors are able to front-run trades and steal potential profit from regular users. . This process, also known as Maximal Extractable Value, has led to attacks on Ethereum, with front-running exploits costing users $280 million every month!

DeFi applications built on public chains expose your account balances and transactions. Using these dApps creates a publicly available paper trail, which can put users at risk of being targeted by scammers and thieves.

Secret Network, the first mainnet blockchain with privacy preserving smart contracts, is revolutionizing DeFi by leveling the playing field by adding privacy to the mix.

Secret Network: The Privacy Revolution DeFi Needs

With Secret Contracts—Secret’s privacy-preserving smart contracts—your data is private by default and can’t be viewed by others unless given permission. Innovative privacy-preserving DEXs obfuscate all pending trades, effectively eliminating front-running and making sure your Web3 financial history stays private.

If needed, you have the flexibility to use viewing keys, which allow you to share your financial details with third parties like an accountant or compliance officer. Secret Network is powering a DeFi ecosystem that’s both private and compliant.

How to Start Surging

The Secret Surge campaign is live now and will run for six months, during which up to $4m in rewards will be distributed. During the first three months, rewards will be distributed at 2x the rate.

To get started, you can bridge assets into the network using the Secret Tunnel EVM bridge bridge or an IBC bridge, and start providing liquidity to one of the participating DEXs listed below.

Privacy-first DEXs Offering Extra Rewards

ShadeSwap is a privacy-preserving AMM built on Secret Network that is front-running resistant by default. ShadeSwap features the following:

  • Private trading
  • Protocol-owned arbitrage
  • Stablecoin pairings
  • Front-running resistance
  • Bond integration
  • Unified router liquidity
  • Staking liquidity bootstrap

Learn more about ShadeSwap and Secret Surge. is a balancer-like DEX running on Secret Network. It’s been created with an emphasis on:

  • Offering competitive rates to traders
  • Fostering a zero-inflation growth model that pays sustainable returns over time to all stakeholders: traders, LPs, and liquid stakers
  • Giving all users a simple and elegant trading experience while offering advanced features for experienced traders
  • Empowering DAOs to get liquidity for the assets they issue
  • Features both weighted pools and stable-stable pools

Over the next few weeks, SiennaSwap and SecretSwap will also activate Secret Surge rewards. You can follow Secret Network on Twitter to get updates.

About Secret Network

Secret Network is the first mainnet blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts, launched in 2020. This makes it possible to build apps that are decentralized and permissionless—yet private.

Start surging and earn your share of up to $4 million in liquidity provider rewards!