Starknet Airdrop Speculation Surges After Purported Eligibility Screenshot Goes Viral

The now-deleted subdomain detailed eligibility criteria for a STRK airdrop

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Starknet Airdrop Speculation Surges After Purported Eligibility Screenshot Goes Viral

Starknet, the Ethereum Layer 2 network, has attracted attention from the web3 community after a screenshot from a subdomain detailing the eligibility criteria for an upcoming airdrop made the rounds on social media.

The screenshot was widely circulated on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, on Nov. 30. The web page it was derived from quickly went offline.

The document suggests Starknet will distribute its forthcoming STRK token to a wide variety of ecosystem participants, including Starknet developers that uploaded at least 5 commits to GitHub, GitHub developers noted in Electric Capital’s Ethereum reports, early Ethereum adopters and stakers, and Starkex users prior to June 2022.


Notably, eligibility criteria for Starknet users was not included in the document.

Skeptics pointed out that the document incorrectly spelled Starknet as “Straknet” twice.

STRK token

The STRK token’s contract was deployed on Ethereum in November 2022. In October, Starknet announced it had delegated 50M of the token’s 10B supply to early community members. The contract shows that tokens will not unlock until April 15, 2024, at the earliest.

The document’s circulation also coincides with the launch of a test proposal on Starknet’s governance hub. Only core members can submit proposals, with users who have been delegated STRK exclusively able to vote.

While the screenshot and governance proposal have elicited excitement among active Starknet users, Olimpio, a STRK delegate, suggested a STRK airdrop may not happen any time soon.

“I'm not sure how soon we will see a token launch/airdrop... but there's some stuff happening behind the scenes,” Olimpio tweeted. “Stay tuned.”

Starknet is currently the third most active Layer 2 network by daily throughput, processing 5.7 transactions per second (TPS) over the past 24 hours, according to L2beat. Starknet’s throughput tagged an all-time high of 10.2 TPS on Nov. 25.

The network also ranks eighth by total value locked, currently holding $169M after growing 12% in seven days.