Standard Protocol Joins Linea's DeFi Voyage


Standard Protocol joins Linea's DeFi Voyage, enriching the DeFi ecosystem through advanced LP and Trading offerings.

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Standard Protocol Joins Linea's DeFi Voyage

Standard Protocol is thrilled to participate in the Linea DeFi Voyage, an initiative we are excited to join following our soft launch on Linea in October. At Standard Protocol, our team has built a spectrum of services tailored to individual and institutional clients. Our offerings encompass a robust decentralized orderbook exchange (DEX), swift instant swaps, smooth on/off-ramps, and an all-encompassing Web3 platform.

Our distinct features set us apart: zero listing fees, direct trading without impermanent loss, and supportive limit orders. Unique to our protocol is the lack of time-based emissions, replaced by our Standard Membership Rewards. Additionally, our global asset accessibility facilitates onramp across over 30 networks, positioning us as a valuable infrastructure component in the Linea DeFi landscape.

Link to access XP Tasks:

What is Linea’s DeFi Voyage?

Linea's DeFi Voyage is a six-week, 10-wave campaign designed to enrich its DeFi ecosystem. This initiative extends beyond mere expansion; it serves as an educational and engagement campaign aimed at fostering an informed and dynamic decentralized finance community within the Linea network.

Visit Standard Protocol, start participating, and gaining XP: [here].

Standard Protocol's Participation: Maximizing XP in the DeFi Voyage

The DeFi Voyage by Linea is centered around XP, a type of soulbound, non-transferable token acquired through contributions within the Linea ecosystem. This XP gain is unique to the DeFi Voyage experience.

During Waves 5 and 6 of the DeFi Voyage, Standard Protocol offers users the chance to accrue XP points by engaging in tasks specifically related to the protocol. To start accumulating XP with Standard Protocol, visit: [here]. (For specific Wave 5 Tasks see details below).

Wave 5: Liquidity Provision and Yield Farming

The following tasks in this wave allow users to earn XP:

  • Provide liquidity to selected pairs on any DEX within Linea, totaling at least $25.
  • Harvest rewards from any Linea farm where you've provided liquidity.
  • Contribute liquidity for an RWA or LST pair, with a minimum of $25.
  • Allocate at least $25 in liquidity to a Vault of your choosing.
  • Invest in a ve(3,3) stable pool with a minimum total of $25.
  • Contribute at least $25 in single-sided LP.
  • Ensure a total liquidity provision of at least $200 across all supported tasks.

For a detailed guide on earning points in Linea Voyage using the Standard app, watch our Linea Voyage Wave 5 Task Walkthrough:

Wave 6, known as the Trading Wave, will be elaborated upon as more information becomes available from Linea.

Standard Protocol's Ambitious Roadmap and 2024 Plans

Standard Protocol's participation in Linea’s DeFi Voyage represents a major milestone in our development, transcending a mere campaign. As 2023 draws to a close, we are thrilled to anticipate the training of new ambassadors, ongoing enhancements to our platform, and the launch of groundbreaking initiatives. December promises to be a bustling period as we conclude several key objectives outlined in our Roadmap.

About Linea:

Linea is an Ethereum-equivalent zkEVM network that's developer-ready and harnesses the power of zero-knowledge technology and rollups. It distinguishes itself with advanced features, including quantum-resistant lattice-based cryptography and its Canonical Messaging Service (CMS).

About Standard Protocol:

Standard Protocol represents the future of decentralized finance (DeFi). Our platform empowers individuals with self-sovereign finances and offers a suite of decentralized applications (apps) that leverage blockchain technology to provide a wide array of financial services. We believe in fairness, transparency, and inclusivity, and our mission is to create a decentralized and inclusive financial ecosystem that benefits all participants.

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