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The Whales of Tomorrow Are Born Today

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Prepare for the Next Bull Market with Superpowers [Sponsored]

Are we 20% through the bear market? 30%? 60%? The truth is, no one knows for sure, but many of us believe that the next bull market is on the horizon, and it's crucial to be well-prepared.

If You're Still Here...

You've survived all the market supervillains and deserve to maximise the upcoming bull run.

Wondering who these villains are? Let's refresh your memory:

1. Do Kwon, Terra / Luna


2. SBF, FTX/Alameda


3. Kyle Davies & Su Zu, 3AC


4. Alex Mashinsky, Celsius


5. Michael Patryn (0xsifu), Daniele Sesta (Daniele Sestagalli), Wonderland, Popsicle Finance, and Abracadabra


6. SVB


7. Gary Gensler, SEC


8. Jerome Powell, The Federal Reserve


The Biggest Villain is Often Yourself

Sometimes, your own actions or inactions can be just as detrimental to your capital appreciation. We can be our own worst enemies at times. Here are some common decisions that put people at a disadvantage:


1. Being 100% in a Wallet and Sitting on the Sidelines of DeFi

Don't hinder your own progress by avoiding the exciting developments in DeFi and crypto. When the next bull run arrives, scrambling to catch up won't be the best strategy. Prepare in advance and keep your capital actively working for you.

By exploring DeFi now, you'll gain insights into what to do and whom to trust when the bull market returns.

2. Stuck in Stablecoins

While safety is essential, being stuck in stablecoins and buying assets late in the bull run can lead to emotional and financial distress. Don't let this happen to you.

3. Comfortable on Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

If you become too comfortable on a CEX, you'll miss out on the power of DeFi. Avoid the risks associated with centralized exchanges by taking control of your assets.

4. Using Aggressive Leverage Too Soon

Excessive leverage can backfire. Platforms offering extreme terms may not have your long-term interests in mind. Exercise caution and do the math before diving in.

Set Your Goals and Master Your Tools

Preparing for the next bull run means capitalising on price appreciation and achieving your financial goals. Whether you want more stablecoins, ETH, or other tokens, it's a personal choice. Being proactive and in control is key to staying ahead.

Example: A user of prepared perfectly for a previous bull run by utilising vaults, borrowing stablecoins against their ETH, and farming a popular DeFi project. They became a whale in that token while retaining their ETH.


Become a superhero with for the Next Bull Run

The Superpower of Earn

Earn while you wait for the next bull run. Access low-risk yield with your Earn Glasses!


If you're unsure when the bottom will come, use your Earn Glasses to identify the best low-risk strategy while you wait to buy the dip. Check DSR on for valuable insights.

The Superpower of Multiply

Boost your asset exposure safely and efficiently. Use the Multiply Cape to access leverage-like multiplication of assets.


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The Superpower of Yield Loop

Combine the superpowers of the multiply cape and the Earn Glasses to enhance the yield on the best collateral like ETH and DAI with superpowers on

In a simple click you can enhance the staking yield on ETH liquid staking tokens and even DeFi’s closest thing to a risk free rate, the sDAI, the Dai Saving Rate native representative onchain token.

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The Superpower of Borrow

Use your capital wisely without selling. Access liquidity with the Borrow Lantern, allowing you to borrow against your assets and seize the best yield opportunities in DeFi.

Spot a token with 10x potential? Interested in farming a new governance token? Explore borrowing options against lending rates with ease using the Borrow Lantern, made even more accessible with the Stop-Loss Shield.

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Superpowers Without Sacrifice

At, we uphold the core principles of crypto and DeFi—transparency and self-sovereignty. If you're concerned about the superpowers we offer your wallet and crypto assets, rest assured that you retain complete self-custodial control of your assets, always.